Marathon Gaming Claims Another Life

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Once again an extreme marathon session of gaming has been directly associated with a death. An 18 year old gamer in Taiwan went on a nearly 2 day gaming binge without water, food or sleep in a private room he booked at a 24 hour internet cafe. He was found unconscious by an employee and after being shaken back to responsiveness collapsed to the floor upon standing. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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Adam Vs. Smoking Part 1

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The picture up top is of my last pack of cigarettes. It’s also probably my 16th last pack of cigarettes. Why am I so sure that this really is my last box? Because I said so. I’ve quit smoking before with relative ease, but I always started again because I like smoking cigarettes. This is my go at getting it right, my run at truly quitting, my gift to future Adam. Continue reading

Everybody, welcome Scott MacLeod to the Fizmarble family


It’s been a busy week, with all of the leftover cake and enchiladas and the birthdaying, but it’s time for another announcement.  High energy beat please…

(hit the play button for intro theme song)

We are always looking to be the best we can be.  Scott brings his many years of experience in the entertainment industry to Fizmarble and because of this, you can expect to see an increase in the quality of our content and an improvement in our general demeanor.

Scott has worked in film and television in several capacities and his knowledge of production gives us a new edge.  Combining that with our talented musicians, writers, and visual artists, we look forward to entertaining and informing you and your friends in new and creative ways.

So enjoy your day, listen to some Skrillex, (or shut it off immediately) and prepare yourself for the goodness that is to come.

Welcome to the party Scott.

Is Facebook Watching You??

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Big Brother is Watching You!!! This is the phrase constantly and consistently imparted upon the residents of Oceania in George Orwells stellar novel 1984. Oceania’s population are under complete control by a totalitarian government headed by a dictator known as Big Brother. These people are made to toe the line due to the ever present surveillance and fear based propaganda that makes up their daily lives. Anyone going against the system is removed from it never to be heard from again. Quoted from Wikipedia:” The term Big Brother entered the lexicon as a synonym for abuse of government power, particularly in respect to civil liberties, often specifically related to mass surveillance. ” Continue reading

Beware “Certified Microsoft Technician” phone scam

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Today I received a phone call from a person (woman?) with an Indian accent claiming to be with Microsoft.  She said that they had received reports from my computer that showed that I had been the victim of “online infections”.  These “infections” would need to be dealt with and this cold calling savior was there to rescue me.

Unfortunately for these scammers, I am actually a CompTIA A+ certified computer technician, and I was on to them from the moment they claimed to know something about my computer.  Here’s how the scam works, and how to protect yourself.

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The World’s End Is A Go!

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Universal has given the green light to Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s newest project: The Worlds End. The script was written by Pegg and Wright and will star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Continue reading

DirecTV/Viacom Dispute & AMC/Dish Network Disagreement

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DirecTV Vs. Viacom

If you own DirecTV you may have noticed that a number of your channels have gone the way of the Dodo. Recently a contract dispute between DirecTV and the program provider Viacom resulted in the dropping of 26 channels as of July 10th.

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The Skinny…



The road to get to The Walking Dead 100 has been long and painful for Rick Grimes and company.  Safe haven has been found and lost again and again, characters we love have been killed and maimed.  What lies in store for the survivors in this monumental issue? Find out after the bump, but be warned, SPOILERS ARE VERY PRESENT in this article as well as content of a graphic nature that should be read with discretion and only by those comfortable with the themes and images present in R-rated horror and action films, as this article describes similar scenarios while recounting the events of issue #100.

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