Daredevil:End of Days #1(of 8) – A Fizmarble Review

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Daredevil has always been a tragic character to me. Much like Spider-man he chose a super heroes life and in the living of it has saved many others lives and done much good. Like Spidey though his life has been full of great harms and horrors directly affecting him and his loved ones. He is a character who while he doesn’t feel sorry for himself he indeed questions himself and the whys and hows. Sadly he has gotten in too deep and there is no turning around and walking away from the path chosen. Decisions are made and then it’s all about the dealing with them.

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Archery Hits the Pop-Culture Bullseye

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Before we get into the article, let me take a minute and apologize for my sad pun of a title. To be fair, you should all be thanking me because I could have used a pun involving the word “quiver” and I think we all know that would have gone horribly awry.


Anyway… 2012 is officially the year of the archer. By the time autumn rolls around guys and gals alike will be clamouring to get their hands on a bow and arrow and take aim at a target. Preferably a stationary inanimate object, and not, say, their sibling or spouse. But either way, chances are a good portion of the population will be ready to draw back that string. Continue reading