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You found us!  Whether you were looking for us or not, you found us.  That means you found a place to hangout and discuss the pastimes that we most enjoy, Games, Movies, Music, Comics, and whatever else seems cool at the moment.  You’ll find news, previews and reviews here, all with our personality churned in for flavor.  We aim to entertain and inform you.  Thanks for dropping by.

Meet Us

Crayon drawing of Orion by AlayneOrion Williams – Editor-in-Chief

Orion Williams started gaming on the Atari 5200.  Since then, he only occasionally puts down his controller to pick up a guitar to play in A Band Of Ninjas.  He is fascinated by technology, philosophy, and the Creator.  Though he claims 34 years of sobriety, he has been known to get wild on occasion and once ate cake through a straw, just because.  He also ripped his own shirt off of his body during a 100+ match battle with a friend in Soul Calibur 2 (Siegfried vs. Mitsurugi)
Some favorite movies:  The Usual Suspects, Terminator 2: Judgment Day,  Disney’s The Jungle Book (Baloo rocks!)
Some favorite musicians:  Steve Vai, BT, Bad Company, Disturbed, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger
Some favorite games:  Dust: An Elysian Tail, Grim Fandango, Trials: Evolution, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Devil Dice/Bombastic

Crayon drawing of Orion by AlayneBrian Coelho – Creative Director/Writer

Brian has both beaten and been beaten by a 5 year old at Halo.
Brian writes and draws and sings and reads a lot and lifts things of great mass and weight.
Brian collects photographs of things he finds beautiful, interesting, profound or just all around marvelous and cool.
Brian is currently working on various scripts and projects for film, comics, music and more and would like to become involved in voice acting.
Brian was once used as the magical collecting orb by The Prince from Katamari Damacy
Brian is an amateur tshirt model, professional fort builder and would be conquerer.
Brian likes hoodies, burritos, the comedy of Hannibal Buress and high fiving crosswalk signs.
Brian has enjoyed playing: Psychonauts, Battlefield:Bad Company 2, the Dead Space games, Silent Hill, the original Halo, Limbo, San Francisco Rush 2049, Pinball FX, the Portal series, Day of Defeat, Arkham Asylum, Fusion Frenzy, Burnout, Condemned, Deathrow, Psi-Ops, Timesplitters, Red Faction 2, Condemned, SSX Tricky, Power Stone 2, Unreal Tournament, 2020 Super Baseball, Battlezone and for keeps just to give you an idea.
Brian has delighted in watching: A Bittersweet Life, True Romance, Unleashed, Payback, Yojimbo, Revolver, Serenity, Shaun of the Dead, Lucky Number Slevin, District 13, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Weird Science, Luther, Darkwing Duck, The Fifth Element, Whiteout, Baki the Grappler, Man on Fire, Pontypool, Halloween 2, Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, The Unusuals and people trying to breakdance……just to name a few.
Brian has appreciated listening to: Jimmy Eat World, City & Colour, This Will Destroy You, Kid Cudi, That Handsome Devil, Cold, Ed Sheeran, The Living End, Head Automatica, Noah Gundersen, Brand New, The Heavy, The Black Keys, Bon Iver, Peter Gabriel, Daft Punk, Wretch 32, Deftones, Parabelle, JJ, Jeff Buckley, Manchester Orchestra, Meriwether, The Sunshine Soundtrack, Akira Yamaoka, Zoe Keating, The Knife and people’s conversations at the Post Office…..just to list some.

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