XboxScreens has your Xbox One and Xbox 360 splash screens


When you start that new Xbox One game and a cool piece of concept art pops on the screen, you’re looking at a splash screen. A splash screen is an image, sometimes with text, that appears while software is loading. New game consoles have splash screens that differ from the content you see once the game is loaded. is a new website for Xbox One and Xbox 360 splash screens. The splash screens are hard to come by because you can’t use the Xbox One’s internal game capture to take a screenshot. Each game must be manually launched and then recorded through a capture card. Because of this, can only capture splash screens for games that they have direct access to.

But thanks to XboxScreens, we can now share with the world that Titanfall 2 seems to favor left-handed soldiers. And that awesome NBA Jam loading screen for the backward compatible Xbox 360 version can now be saved as a wallpaper.

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