Why do hackers bring down video game servers?

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Seriously, why?

Some hackers brought down the PlayStation Network in 2011.  Were they Xbox fanboys?  Did they hate Asia based Video Game companies?

This week we have hackers running a DDOS attack on EA (Electronic Arts), preventing servers across all platforms from doing their jobs, that is, to serve data to paying customers.  Customers that have paid for a game in order to access it’s online features, such as multiplayer.  Do these hackers hate EA?  Do they hate Battlefield?  Are they head-over-heels in love with Call of Duty so much that they want to eliminate it’s closest competition?

I posit that these hackers in fact don’t hate the corporations that they target with the cyberspace equivalents of a surgical strike.  They are actually carpet bombing the paying consumers.  Customers who expect to play the games that they have purchased, end up staring at error messages.

“Could not connect to server”

If the hackers wanted to hurt the corporations, even the worst company in the world, they would prevent them from accessing their own money, or earning future monies.  But instead, they wait until the money has been collected from the consumer, and then prevent the consumers from accessing the services that they have paid for.

Who is really behind the attacks?

I am certain that the hackers of video game servers are not friends of gamers, so who are these vandals?  One theory might indicate the MAVAV, Mother’s Against Videogame Addiction and Violence.  What better way to halt video game addiction than to stop the video game playing all together.  The most any gamer could do is become addicted to attempting to play video games.

“You have been disconnected”

Another possible suspect is renown anti-video-game violence activist Jack Thompson.  Since being disbarred from his usual lawyering, he may have taken to forming a hit squad assembled exclusively to stop gamers from gaming in anyway he can.

Whoever the culprits are, Battlefield 4 has enough problems of its own without some outside sources meddling.  Let’s not even bring up Sim City.

“Connection timed out”

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