He dropped his phone, then wrote a song about it


Orion Williams writes silly songs. His previous efforts include a song about why you shouldn’t poop in your pants and a song about the benefits of doing your homework. The newest song details the tragic dropping of a phone.

Windows 10 Mobile enthusiasts might recognize the phone as being a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Originally, it struck the concrete while Orion attempted to pull a weed. The silly song, titled I Dropped My Phone comes with a music video.

Orion pokes fun at himself. The video shows him moments before his phone falls into the toilet. In a later verse, Williams leaves his phone on top of his car. This results in him running over his own phone.

A website about dropping phones?

A website was created as a cross-media marketing experiment to support the music video for I Dropped My Phone. Those interested can visit idroppedmyphone.org and see the “helpful” tips put together for how to protect your phone from drops and spills.

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