35mm film has seen it’s day. Production to end in U.S. in 2013.

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The end of 35mm film is near.

The end is near!

So says the latest IHS Screen Digest reports.  33mm film use is down dramatically over the last two years due to the increasing quality and affordability of digital equipment.

With digital cameras, there is no need for camera operators to stop “rolling”, saving time on sets where budgets continue to increase and feet of film equal dollars wasted.  Also, the cost of silver, a key ingredient in the manufacture of celluloid, has gone up from 5 dollars an ounce to 25 dollars for the same ounce this year.

Production is expected stop at most facilities in major markets by the end of next year, and globally by 2015.

Have no fear though.  The average movie viewer will not be negatively affected by this change.  Our Blu-ray players have not been able to play 35mm film rolls since we got them.

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