World’s most awesome knife is made of water.

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I am not sure if it actually qualifies as a knife but it sure cuts better than the steel in my kitchen.  Company Paprima sells a product called an Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) Water Jet.  Marketed for food cutting applications, this puppy blasts through whatever delicious and unfortunate substance that dares face down the diamond nozzle as it shoots regular drinking water at 3 times the speed of sound.

Did you say 3 times the speed of sound?  I’m sorry, I am having a hard time hearing you over the awesome!  The regular drinking water is converted to an erosive stream zipping through breads, pastries, fruits, vegetables, meats, and even cereal bars at anywhere from 15,000psi to 90,000psi.

While not likely to replace the old-fashioned kitchen knife for home use, the UHP water jet is a nice alternative to metal blades because unlike metal, which can store and spread bacteria, the water jet uses fresh, clean water.

If you are interested in purchasing one, or you just want to see more videos, you can learn more at

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