Xbox One Console Listed on Amazon (Price TBD)



Amazon has set up a page for the newly announced Xbox One. No price is listed as of yet thus no pre-ordering but you can enter your e-mail to be notified when it is. Some UK retailers are already having people place deposits to secure their systems. So it begins. Head to the link below to see what’s what.

Xbox One Console



Thief reboot confirmed for Xbox One

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Thief 4 LogoIn a press release from Square Enix, Thief (formerly Thi4f, and Thief 4) has been confirmed for realease on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Windows PC in 2014.

Pending pricing announcements from Sony and Microsoft, the title may also refer to those that lurk around corners behind Gamestop hoping to nab next-gen systems at a “discount”.  Buyers, beware of water arrows fired from the shadows.