Xbox One HOTAS, Let’s make this happen!


Some of my most immersive gaming moments on the Xbox 360 were using the Hori HOTAS flight stick. I bought the controller in a bundle with Ace Combat 6 and played the heck out of it, eventually playing on the hardest difficulty.

Few games took advantage of the Xbox 360 Hori flight stick, but eventually Apache Air Assault came along and my HOTAS got another workout as I learned to fly the Apache on “simulation” difficulty.

Xbox One deserves a HOTAS

Well here we are, nearly 3 years into the lifecycle of Xbox One. The Scorpio is announced, and we still have no word about a HOTAS flight stick.

Space-based games like Elite: Dangerous and Strike Suit Zero would be vastly improved with HOTAS controller support. And with rumors that No Man’s Sky might make it’s way to Xbox One, wouldn’t it be more fun with a flight stick?

A new Crimson Skies or Ace Combat would be a welcome addition for us Xbox fliers that want to stay inside the atmosphere but want to do so with the finer control a HOTAS controller provides.

But it seems this isn’t going to happen without some noise from Xbox One pilots.

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

Voice Your Support

There have already been some outlets to express our desire to fly with HOTAS support on Xbox One, but we need to concentrate our fire. We need to strike together and let the major players at Saitek, Hori, and Thrustmaster know that we want HOTAS for Xbox ONE!!!

Here is the “official” place to make your request known. Vote here first. Xbox One Uservoice

Secondly, let’s blow up Saitek, Mad Catz, Hori, and Thrustmaster’s twitter with the hashtag #XboxOneHOTAS. Here are the twitter handles:

With a strong show of support, we should be able to get a HOTAS by at least the time Scorpio hits, please.


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