Zombie Games on Sale on Xbox Live

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Xbox Live Arcade titles Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Driver HD and All Zombies Must Die are half off this week. That’s a whole lot of undead gaming for much cheaper than before. Each of these games offer quite a bit of fun and are definitely worth the discounted purchase. Log on and get yours today before prices shift back towards the more than the less.

Zombie Driver HD Review

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There may be some time in the future (whether near or far, no one knows for sure) where it will be boring to face wave after wave of various types of zombies, smashing them into pieces with your car and watching their mangled torsos roll off of the hood of your car.  Now is not that time.

While many gamers people may be bothered by use of zombies in…everything, driving your car into innocents isn’t as accepted as it may have been when video games were less mainstream.  Most folks are ok with killing zombies, so we won’t likely see the end of the zombie killing simulator soon.  And that’s ok, because it means we get fun, if flawed, diversions like EXOR Studios’ Zombie Driver HD.

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Family Review – Wreckateer

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Family Reviews are done with the family in mind.  In these reviews, the casual player and young ones have a say, as well as the older mature gamers.  This allows the reader to balance the comments and come to a more accurate conclusion based on the opinions of a variety of gamers.

So, rock polisher, you think you have what it takes to be a Wreckateer?

Iron Galaxy Studios brings us a delightfully destructive Xbox Live Arcade game utilizing the Kinect sensor.  The last few years have seen many Angry Birds games and their clones flocking to our consoles, PCs, and smartphones.  But Wreckateer may owe it’s lineage to a different series, Crush the Castle.

If Crush the Castle were a kinect game, it might look like Wreckateer at first glance, but the comparisons end with castles and crushing.  Wreckateer brings a creative twist to the destruction genre and it has the potential to appeal to the whole family. Continue reading