Yes.Mustache’s Rocket League parody (Elton John’s Rocket Man)

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Yes.Mustache has a new song up about Rocket League and it’s a parody of one of our favorite Elton John songs, Rocket Man.

The song plays with the themes of Rocket League all while parodying a classic rock song. My favorite part is the end when the family is trying to get Yes.Mustache’s attention and he’s just “gotta play one more game”. Rocket League is some addicting stuff. This Rocket League parody is so good, it might have you addicted too.

Dumb Ways to Die……in Video Games

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Recently Australia’s Melbourne Metro Trains released a public safety campaign video entitled ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ featuring a song by the same name by the group Tangerine Kitty. It was catchy and cute and fun. It has since been parodied by the sketch comedy group Mega Steak Man. Above you can watch their video game releated video showing dumb ways to die in the game world. Check out the video below to see the original vid.

Birdwalk Empire – Sesame Street Meets Boardwalk Empire


Sesame Street has recently been doing spoofs of current TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men and Tru Blood. The most recent being a parody of Boardwalk Empire entitled Birdwalk Empire. While these are not shows children will probably be watching the play on them is fun and a nice little something for parents who may be watching with their kids. Check out Birdwalk Empire and the other spoofs in the videos below.

Birdwalk Empire

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