NAMCO BANDAI Brings Free-to-play PAC-MAN +Tournaments Exclusively to Google Play

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Leading video game publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. today announced the launch of PAC-MAN +Tournaments™, the first free-to-play PAC-MAN game in the classic series, now available exclusively for Google Play.

Players can download PAC-MAN +Tournaments™ now for free on Google Play here.

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Star Wars Pinball Review – Two Lightsabers Up!

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Star Wars Pinball LogoStar Wars Pinball Review

I am not the Star Wars geek that many (most) of my friends are, but I do respect the characters and the franchise as a whole, plus I had the O.G. Star Wars bed sheets when I was a kid.  My own kids use them now, so we are still a Star Wars family to a degree.  When I first learned of the Star Wars Pinball tables, I got pretty excited.  But now that the first pack of tables is here, is it worth your credits?

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A New Mobile Companion App for ‘Far Cry 3’ Now Available


Today, Ubisoft announced the release of Far Cry Outpost, a new mobile companion app for Far Cry 3, now available on iOS and Android platforms.

With this Far Cry 3 mobile app for Multiplayer and Co-op, players can decode the encrypted data found during game sessions to earn advanced weapon mods and customize their Loadouts on the go. Far Cry Outpost also allows players to track their progress through the daily and weekly challenges, check out their stats and compare with their friends, and keep track of the maps created via the in game map editor.

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HeroClix TabApp Now Available for FREE Download through Google Play

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NECA/WizKids, developers of the recently released, widely popular HeroClix
™ game today announced the availability of the app for Android OS,
extending its compatibility with additional tablet devices.

Inspired by the tabletop game, HeroClix TabApp™ is designed as a stand-alone
introduction to the world of HeroClix, the world’s most popular and recognizable
collectible figural game.  In HeroClix TabApp™, players become their
favorite super heroes, with live action battles combining physical toy figures
with their tablet device.

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Zen Pinball HD Now Available on Google Play

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Zen Studios, creators of Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball, and Pinball FX2 today announced Zen Pinball HD is available for Google Play™ for Android powered smart phones and tablets. Zen Pinball HD is the most exciting mobile pinball game experience available, featuring interactive 3D models, the most advanced ball physics, rich social features and hot seat multiplayer, Zen Pinball HD continues the rich pinball tradition established by Zen Studios, the definitive leader in pinball videogames.

To celebrate the release of Zen Pinball HD, all Marvel themed pinball tables will be on sale for $0.99 for the first week of release!

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Ingress – An Interesting New Game from Google


I love higher concept game ideas. Ingress while simple in its design is much deeper in scope. An ingress is a means or place of entering. In this game you seek nodes which are attached to real world locations courtesy of Google’s mapping tech. You are a part of one of two sides. You are either one of the Enlightened or one of the Resistance. This augmented reality video game has you seeking these nodes which are actually portals to another level of this world. Another plane of exsistence. Those of the Enlightened want to spread word of the portals and the access to them. Those in the Resistance seek to close off the access for our safety and protection. Activating three nodes together creates a territory and these territories dictate the the control over the nodes each side has. You must choose your path and then help those you fight along with you shift the power structure your way.

It sounds intriguing. There is still more to it that we will find out in time. It is currently in closed beta but you csan request access by heading to the official site and enterting your e-mail. Choose your side. Fight the battle. This world around you is not what it seems. Head to the link below to try and get access.


One Day Giveaway from G5 – Get Virtual City FREE

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By popular demand, for one day only, G5 Entertainment made its smash hit, Virtual City, available FREE OF CHARGE on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Google Play, Kindle Fire and Nook. Today, November 2, 2012 players can download Virtual City for free to their favorite devices, join the army of fans of Virtual City and experience the thrill of managing their own dream city.

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Drag Racing 1.5: Major Update of the World’s Most Popular Racing Game for Android


Creative Mobile announces the long-awaited major update of Drag Racing, which has been the highest-rated racing game on Google Play for the past eighteen months. Drag Racing 1.5 offers Android users a lot of improvements: new achievements, 10 new cars and updated graphics.

The most popular Android racing game in the world has become even more spectacular! Drag Racing 1.5 invites all petrolheads to plunge into the world of racing and tuning, where anyone can choose from more than 60 cars, upgrade them and take part in 1/2 and 1/4 mile races. The variety of options is rich enough to satisfy all kinds of racers: the player can compete with AI in offline races, take part in online head-to-head races (either with a friend or a random competitor) or real-time Pro races against 9 players at once. It is also possible to team with other racers in order to share achievements, work out a strategy and exchange tunes.

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“Ninja Run” – A New FREE Game for Lovers of Ninja Swords and Shurikens

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Webelinx has released a new game that gives users the task to help ninja warrior free the Japanese people from the reign of evil daimyos. Users can enjoy playing this game both on iPhone and iPad, as well as on their Android phones and tablets. Users can download this game on iTunes Store and Google Play.

“Ninja Run” is about a ninja who has the mission to save the peasants from the reign of the corrupted daimyos that are stealing from them and torturing them. While was a little boy, he lost his parents in a plague, and was found by an old ninja who taught him the art of ninjutsu. Now, he is the black ninja and he is ready to defeat corrupted shogun and his daimyos. Black Ninja travels through the towns of Ancient Japan and defeats local daimyos. Users have the task to help ninja run through each of these towns and escape as fast as possible. They also have to help him collect as many coins as possible and return them to hungry peasants. There are four types of enemy ninjas that will try to stop black ninja from escaping the town, and users have to find the way to defeat or avoid each one of them. Users have the help of superpowers, such as power dash, double jump and power jump, and power-ups that make ninja run faster and destroy everything in his way.

You can find this app on this links:

Android users:

iOS users: