Vexillum – A New Multiplayer Game from Buildism

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Vexillum is a fast-paced Capture the Flag game that mixes elements of side-scrolling battle games like Worms and Soldat. Players fight in realtime in destructible maps, aiming to capture the enemy’s flag while protecting theirs. There are currently 3 weapons (a rocket launcher, sword, and SMG) and more are planned to be added. Vexillum is designed to be customized; players can host servers with custom maps and game settings. Map making is easily done with an image editing program and the included tools. Simple controls make the game easy to learn, but the grappling hook and destroyable terrain make more advanced strategies possible through teamwork.

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Marvel Comics – 700 FREE Digital #1 Issues



Marvel appeared at SXSW yesterday and while there they made a few announcements completely revamping their digital service offerings. They have re-branded their digital imprints under the Infinite Comics name and then dropped the bombshell of 700 FREE Number One issues being made available to fans wishing to partake in this new digital venture. The #1 teasers were indicating Marvel’s gift. While this will only be on iOS and devices such as the iPad and iPhone to begin with, it will also be for Android devices in the near future. That’s 700 number 1 issues from Marvel’s entire back catalog and current runs. That is a whole lot of comics.

Pre-ordering Through the Microsoft Store Can Get You Microsoft Points

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Microsoft is offering a pretty great deal for pre-ordering select games through their online store. Pre-ordering any of the ten full price games below will get you 1600 FREE Microsoft Points for use on Xbox Live. That’s a $20 value for free. Not too shabby. This will be going on until April 6th and has a limit of 3 per customer. Still if you were going to order 3 of any off this list getting $60 bucks in free points is a pretty huge offer. Check out the list and then head to the link to start ordering and acquiring points.

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‘Vector’ Parkour Game is FREE for iPad and iPhone

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“Vector Free” is a limited version of the original game Vector, which has already fascinated 5 million players on iOS, and since its initial launch in summer 2012. Same as the full version, Vector Free is available in two different variants — each optimized for iPhone or iPad hardware.

Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring the player as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by a totalitarian system. The game opens with a view into a bleak future world where freedom and individually are nothing more than a distant dream. But the heart of a free runner is strong, and so he breaks free! He runs, vaults, slides and climbs using extraordinary techniques based on the urban ninja sport of Parkour — all while being chased by Big Brother whose sole purpose is to capture him and bring him back.

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THQ Offering Metro 2033 for FREE as PC Download

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Metro Last Light comes out early next year and for those that want a refresher on the previous Metro game or want to play it for the first time now is your chance to get a free copy of it. THQ is offering a FREE PC download of Metro 2033 which you can get at the link below. It is a great game that is pretty underrated. I enjoyed it immensely and am really looking forward to the sequel.

Head to the link below via Facebook and then ‘Like’ the page in order to get your FREE download Key.

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Zen Studios Releases Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ Themed Pinball Table

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Zen Studios has released its newest Marvel themed table for Pinball FX2 today. It’s the best Pinball sim game you could ever hope for and they keep dishing out the high quality tables. This newest one is based on the Civil War storyline that pit hero versus hero against each other over differing opinions and views. Fight for the side you believe in utilizing little metal spheres and your talent of striking them to various locations using skill and occassional randomness.

Zen Studios were nice enough to make the soundtrack for this table available for FREE as well. Head to the bottom of this page to download the tracks for yourself and enjoy the sound of comic book pinball conflict whenever you feel like it.

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Block Blaster – FREE for a Limited Time

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Blast your way through 40 challenging Block Blaster physics puzzles comprised of all different shapes and block types. From Bouncy blocks to Exploding blocks, Block Blaster has it all!

It will take all your skill and determination to take on the challenges that await. You must knock all the blocks to the ground with a set number of throws to complete each level. Don’t worry, if you don’t succeed the first time just try again! There is a method to the madness of each Block Blaster puzzle so jump in and have a blast with Block Blaster!

Block Blaster – Physics Puzzles: 40 uniquely designed Block Blaster levels in full 3D with cartoon styled graphics.

Oh, and if you get stuck and need help with a level? Just grab some extra balls to get you through!

Good luck and blast away!

Head to the following link to get yours.

Sniper Elite V2 Multiplayer DLC Available for FREE Today

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Take your sniping experience to a whole new level, 505 Games and Rebellion today released online multiplayer support, free of charge, for their European World War II action game, Sniper Elite V2.

The Multiplayer Expansion DLC offers 4 all new gameplay modes (Deathmatch/ Team Deathmatch/ Distance King/ Team Distance King) across six maps (Mountain Pass, Quarry, Graves, OpernPlatz, Church and Kreuzberg) and will support two to eight players via Xbox LIVE® for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®Network.

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Cover Orange (iPhone) Full Version is FREE today

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FDG Entertainment has a five alarm freebie today! We celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our 10 million downloaded All-Time-Classic “Cover Orange” and offer the full version (iPhone) FREE today! With a total of 380 levels this means a ton of fun for zero dollars!The HD Version for iPad is currently on sale, too – 50% OFF for a very limited time.

Cover Orange supports the new iPhone 5 widescreen format and Game Center.

Cover Orange (iPhone) : $.99 -> FREE

Cover Orange HD (iPad)    : $1.99 -> $.99 (50% OFF)


Monster of Puppets Update with FREE Promotion

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The great adventure “Monster of Puppets” will be enhanced with a Survival Mode, new Achievements, new Languages and gameplay fixes.

A brand new game experience, now optimized for iPhone5, that will test your skills as a puppets killer.

Don’t miss the chance to get this highly addictive game!

From Friday 9th to Sunday, November 11th, Monster of Puppets will be exceptionally available for FREE on the App Store.

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