A New Image from Bungie’s ‘Destiny’



Here is a new image from Bungie’s upcoming new game Destiny. It features a four armed character seated in a throne and looking at a mini Death Star or some such. I like the design but my verdict on the game is still out. I like Bungie and what they did with Halo and all but this new sci-fi venture seems too much like what they have done. I was hoping for a bit more creatively. It’s still early and I’m not disregarding it or anything. I just do not have my interest sufficiently peaked as of yet.

Should we be excited for Bungie’s Destiny?

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destiny_more_than_a_disc_in_a _drive copy

Bungie has announced Destiny, a persistent, online, Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter.  It seems a bit early to announce a game that won’t be available for at least another 10 months and probably a year, but Bungie felt it was the right time.

I have my doubts, even this early on, about whether Destiny is something to even pay attention to at this time.  I strongly feel that rather than get pulled into the hype cyclone, gamers should take a “wait and see” approach even considering a “trusted” developer like Bungie.

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