Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Review

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 gameplay Screen Shot 2013-12-22 04-17-36    A review of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood from Press Play, on Xbox One, Xbox 360

When Max comes home to find his little brother, Felix, playing (rather aggressively) with Max’s toys, Max reaches his last straw and decides to run a web search on “How to make your brother disappear!”  He finds an incantation that, when recited, summons a portal and seconds later Felix is gone.

Max has a rather instantaneous change of heart and jumps in after Felix and his monster captor.  This brief cutscene is all you get before jumping into Max’s beautiful adventure.  The gameplay starts soon after and has you control Max in an effort to bravely acquire Felix from the evil kidnapper that has claimed him, the mustachioed Mustacho. Continue reading

New Media Day for October 30th

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Safety Not Guaranteed (Blu Ray & DVD)

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The Campaign (Blu Ray & DVD)

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Amazon Blu Ray Sale – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Complete Collections)

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