Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Premiere: What to Expect

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In just four more days the highly anticipated Season 5 premiere of Sons of Anarchy will be hitting the airwaves on FX. This show never disappoints to bring the intensity and drama. I’ve had a chance to screen the first two episodes (humblebrag?) so I thought I’d give you some little tidbits to whet your appetite and get you through til Tuesday!

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Obviously you can expect mayhem. It’s right there on the leather vests the members of SAMCRO wear. Men of Mayhem. So, clearly, this is going to happen. But what kinds of mayhem? Here’s a few examples:

-Extreme tension between Gemma and Tara. These two women are in the midst of a massive power struggle now that Tara is the President’s Old Lady. Tara is learning to play the role well, and Gemma is too busy being annoyed to be proud of her.

-Confessions. A lot happened last season, especially those last few episodes, so expect a few of them to come to light to others as the perpetrators come clean.

-A VP is chosen. Will Opie finally come back to the table? Will Chibs step up? Will Tig finally get that patch? Does Jax go crazy and choose Clay? (Hahaha. Just kidding.) Or is there someone else who is best suited for the job?

-New faces. LOTS and LOTS of new faces. As you’ve probably seen in the commercials, Jimmy Smits and Harold Perrineau have joined the SOA cast. Smits plays Nero, a new, ahem, friend, of Gemma’s. And Perrineau plays new Big Bad, Damon Pope. And, boy howdy, is that guy bad.  You’ll also see some new faces sitting around the table in the chapel.

-Death. Several times over. And let me tell you, one of them… well, it will stick with you. It’s probably the most disturbing death Kurt Sutter has brought us so far. Not because of who so much as because of how.

And that’s all just the premiere. I didn’t even get into the awesomeness that is episode 2. Which I LOVED. For many reasons, one of which is I laughed a whole lot more in that hour.

Be sure to catch the Season 5 premiere of Sons of Anarchy on FX, Tuesday, September 11 at 10pm. And make sure your DVR records the whole thing – the premiere is an extended 90 minute episode!


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