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I just love my laptop, speedy and wonderful design. Love the aluminum body which definitely helps with the temperature of the machine. Only complaint is with Win7 which did strange things to the headset plug to not disable on board sound. thanks all~Anne Tanne from


My husband bought one. I found some cons... Collects fingerprints easily; TV tuner delivered weak reception.

thanks, @Marisha from    (AC/DC Adapters)

Orion Williams
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 Hmm.  Both of mine (I picked up a 15 inch for personal use) have brushed finishes and don't hold fingerprints if I wanted them to.  I can't speak for the tuner card as I didn't order one with either machine, but in the past I have used an antenna to amplify the signal before the tuner card on my desktop, otherwise I don't get much.  I also learned after picking up the 15 incher that you should never skimp on the display.  I tried to save a few bucks by getting a lower resolution display, and it's also a lower quality display with a poor viewing angle.  I couldn't be happier with the 17" 1080p display though.  Very nice.


Thanks for sharing your findings!