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Five Saturdays Album Art

On the surface the concept seems kind of odd. A successful cover band sets out to write and record five original songs over the course of five successive Saturdays. What business does a cover band have writing and recording original work? I mean, if they are any good, why are they a cover band?

(Disclosure: I was given a pre-release copy of Five Saturdays by A Band of Ninjas in exchange for my review. Also, the guy who plays guitar may have bought my frozen yogurt once.)

A Band of Ninjas has been delighting audiences around California’s Monterey Bay for years now. The band is made up of Brian Coehlo (Qway-Low) on vocals and Orion Williams on guitar and background vocals. Their renditions of popular hits from the last couple of decades are worth your time to seek out on YouTube. Or better yet, if you find yourself in the Monterey, CA area, hit up a show.

Their original project, aptly named Five Saturdays, is now available on all the major services. The project was born out of a commitment to their followers to write one original tune a week for five weeks. What came of that is found on Five Saturdays. Of course, a cover band writing and recording original songs is bound to break the rules wherever possible. Therefore, six songs emerged.

Five Saturdays kicks off with the playful but thought provoking Superhuman. That’s followed up with Little Things. Coehlo’s vocals really shine in Little Things. The pace of the lyrics speeds up in spots and Coehlo’s pitch and delivery is spot on. At the midpoint of the album, Don’t Count Me Out demands your ear. Its one of those songs that halfway through, you’ll want to restart and give your full attention. The snappy Disappointed, Kid really showcases A Band of Ninjas. Coehlo and Williams harmonize perfectly and Williams’ guitar can’t be ignored. When you stop and realize that all that sound is coming from one acoustic guitar, you can begin to grasp the level of talent the Ninjas bring to their music.

Speaking of ninjas, their secretive yet deadly nature sparks intrigue and fascination amongst people of all ages. How convenient then that we are privileged to get acquainted with A Band of Ninjas. In the track titled What’s It Like (To be a Ninja), we are treated to an inside look of the life of a Ninja. The sixth and final track is the real gem of the entire project. A Dying Light opens with a haunting bass line that makes you forget there is only an acoustic guitar at work. Coehlo sings with a passion that can only come from someone who is singing a song they’ve lived.

Five Saturdays will leave you wondering why this duo of assassins bothers with cover songs. Pick up the project from the music service of your choice and then catch them at a show. They are known to take requests. Demand these tracks. You won’t be disappointed.

Five Saturdays on iTunes

Robot Kitten Balloon Assault Now on iTunes


Tethys Interactive announces the release of Robot Kitten Balloon Assault at the ITunes store, now available for purchase for 99 cents. Robot Kitten Balloon Assault is a fun for all ages, physics-based balloon popper arcade game, previously released for Android, Facebook & Chrome. The game is now optimized for iTunes and follows a group of robot kittens as they travel from the circus to exotic locations around the globe, hot on the trail of their arch nemesis, Krackles the Clown.

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Two New Games From Chillingo – Swipe the Deck and Storm the Train


Today Chillingo announced the release of two new games on the App Store, Storm the Train and Swipe the Deck. Developed by Games Faction , (the team behind hit title, Inkvaders), Storm the Train is a relentless side-scrolling shooter packed with countless enemies and enough firepower to mow them down. Swipe the Deck, an addictive card game from Enders Fund, marries poker with match-three into a totally unique asynchronous multiplayer experience.

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Zombie Tsunami gets a Major Update!


If you have already picked up Zombie Tsunami then get ready for much improvement. If you have not then then is all the more reason to go get your copy off of iTunes today.

Mobigame proudly presents Zombie Tsunami 1.3.0. With more than a million players, Zombie Tsunami is one of the most popular endless runner game available on the App Store.

The new version is optimized for iOS 6, the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. The update features a brand new dynamic camera, which will zoom in and out to give you more control of your horde of zombies. It has never been so fun to see 30 or more cartoonish zombies jumping and running all over your screen. We also add new bonuses, hats, backgrounds, missions and more! Do you have what it takes to gather the biggest horde?

Check out the full list of new features:
•Optimized for iOS6 and the iPhone 5
•Dynamic camera zoom
•200+ new missions
•2 New backgrounds
•4 New Hats
•A new bonus and 5 new skills
•New weather effects
•And more!

Soundgarden’s ‘King Animal’ Streaming Online

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Soundgarden has been back for a bit now and even had a new song on The Avengers soundtrack but this is the real deal return with a new album called King Animal set to come out next week. They are allowing all the tracks to be heard streaming online so you can check them out below and try before you buy more or less. I really loved Badmotorfinger and Down on the Upside and still believe Slaves and Bulldozers to be one of their best songs along with one of the best songs. A personal favorite in a catalog of awesome that Soundgarden has put together.

Follow the link below to listen to the songs before the album drops next Tuesday.

If you’re outside the U.S. and Canada head here.

Block Blaster – FREE for a Limited Time

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Blast your way through 40 challenging Block Blaster physics puzzles comprised of all different shapes and block types. From Bouncy blocks to Exploding blocks, Block Blaster has it all!

It will take all your skill and determination to take on the challenges that await. You must knock all the blocks to the ground with a set number of throws to complete each level. Don’t worry, if you don’t succeed the first time just try again! There is a method to the madness of each Block Blaster puzzle so jump in and have a blast with Block Blaster!

Block Blaster – Physics Puzzles: 40 uniquely designed Block Blaster levels in full 3D with cartoon styled graphics.

Oh, and if you get stuck and need help with a level? Just grab some extra balls to get you through!

Good luck and blast away!

Head to the following link to get yours.

Borderlands 2 Original Soundtrack Available Today

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Sumthing Else Music Works today announced Borderlands™ 2 Original Soundtrack featuring the original musical score from the highly anticipated Role-Playing-Shooter video game Borderlands® 2 from Gearbox Software and 2K Games. Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed four-player cooperative shooter-looter that combined intense first-person mayhem with role-playing gameplay. Borderlands 2 Original Soundtrack is scheduled for release on September 18th to retail outlets worldwide through Sumthing Else Music Works, and for digital download at Amazon MP3, iTunes® and other digital music sites. The soundtrack is now available to pre-order from

Composers Jesper Kyd (Assassin’s Creed), Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan (Mass Effect 3), with additional music from Raison Varner (Gearbox Software), created a colorful and dynamic music score for Borderlands 2‘s adrenaline-fuelled combat and diverse atmospheric environments. The soundtrack fuses multiple music styles which capture the multi-faceted personality and thrilling co-op action of Borderlands 2 as players storm through the world of Pandora and its dynamic art style.

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iTunes Festival 2012


Yesterday began the 2012 incarnation of the iTunes Music Festival. It’s a packed to bursting set of shows that will feature over 60 artists in the 30 days of September. You will be able to watch the shows live as they happen or video of the performances immediately after. Below is the line-up for this years festival. Check it out and then plan for a full month of wonderful music frm some of todays greatest performers and up and coming new sound sensations.

The Line-up:

September 1: Usher

September 2: Charli XCX + Ed Sheeran

September 3: The Milk + Olly Murs

September 4: Ryan Keen + Delilah + Plan B

September 5: Gabrielle Aplin + Bastille + Emeli Sandé

September 6: Conor Maynard + JLS

September 7: Bat for Lashes + Elbow

September 8: Band of Horses + Jack White

September 9: Foreign Beggars + Deadmau5

September 10: Beth Orton + Norah Jones

September 11: Jake Bugg + The Killers

September 12: The Soundtrack of Our Lives + Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

September 13: Walk the Moon + P!NK

September 14: Josh Kumra + Labrinth

September 15: Calvin Harris + David Guetta

September 16: Rebecca Ferguson

September 17: Example, Hadouken! & DJ Fresh

September 18: CARisMA + Laura Wright + Andrea Bocelli

September 19: One Republic + Matchbox Twenty

September 20: Angel + One Direction

September 21: Lonsdale Boys Club + Jessie J

September 22: Frightened Rabbit + Biffy Clyro

September 23: José James + Robert Glasper

September 24: Willy Mason + Mumford & Sons

September 25: Benjamin Francis Leftwich + Lana Del Rey

September 26: Haim + Ellie Goulding

September 28: Alicia Keys

September 29: Kindness + Hot Chip 

September 30: Muse

Follow the link below to gain access to watching the iTunes Festival on your computer.

iTunes Festival 2012

Horn for iOS Available Now

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Horn is third person action/adventure game from Phosphor Games and Zynga for iOS and Android devices. In this game you play as Horn a young boy and blacksmith apprentice who wakes up to find the inhabitants of his village have all turned into mechanized creatures. It is your quest to find out what happened and save them.It is now available on Itunes with an Android release date to come in the near future. Continue reading