A Video Review of Deadlight (Xbox Live Arcade)

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Deadlight is the creation of first time game developers Tequila Works who are based out of Spain and was published by Microsoft Studios. This game is a 1200 Microsoft point 2d side scroller with 400 Achievement points available. It’s a survival horror platformer hybrid with extra emphasis on the survival part. Deadlight is a take on the zombie genre only they are referred to here as Shadows. You play as the weary and bearded Randall Wayne in a bleak urban wasteland version of Seattle Washington in the 1980’s. A nearly all consuming disease has spread throughout the land and you are one of the very few survivors. You head out in search of someone near and dear to you among monsters and the madness. Continue reading

Family Review – Wreckateer

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Family Reviews are done with the family in mind.  In these reviews, the casual player and young ones have a say, as well as the older mature gamers.  This allows the reader to balance the comments and come to a more accurate conclusion based on the opinions of a variety of gamers.

So, rock polisher, you think you have what it takes to be a Wreckateer?

Iron Galaxy Studios brings us a delightfully destructive Xbox Live Arcade game utilizing the Kinect sensor.  The last few years have seen many Angry Birds games and their clones flocking to our consoles, PCs, and smartphones.  But Wreckateer may owe it’s lineage to a different series, Crush the Castle.

If Crush the Castle were a kinect game, it might look like Wreckateer at first glance, but the comparisons end with castles and crushing.  Wreckateer brings a creative twist to the destruction genre and it has the potential to appeal to the whole family. Continue reading

Review: Sniper Elite V2

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It’s 1945.  The Germans are very close to implementing their V2 rocket program. I am behind enemy lines.  I have no allies here.  It’s nighttime and the only lights are from the few remaining working street lamps, some burning buildings in the distance, the occasional burst of light from a distant explosion and some tracer rounds.  I spot an Nazi foot soldier.  He’s close, so I put him down with a well placed shot from my Welrod pistol.  Moving forward quietly, I have a clear view down a ruined city block.

A cathedral stands proudly, though charred and battered.  It seems to offer a glimpse of hope.  A loud ring emanates from the bell tower.  I utilize the next precious seconds to fire a shot at a perimeter guard from my rifle.  The sound of my gun is drowned out by the ringing.  Another bell strike, another shot.  This time, the camera follows the bullet all the way to its target, another foot soldier’s helmeted head.  I see his wounded skeletal structure as the bullet passes through, and exits flattened and bent from the impact.

A glint from a scope high on the cathedral signals danger.  I take a shot to my shoulder and take cover behind a destroyed automobile.  I peek out, and just as the glint signals another shot from my enemy, I fire.  The bullet travels 200 meters, soaring through smoke and fog to find it’s victims chest.  My name is Karl Fairburne, and I am a sniper.

Continue reading