Demon’s Souls is Coming to The Playstation Network on 1/8/13


Demon's Souls Playstation 3

ATLUS, the video game publishing brand of Index Digital Media, Inc., today announced that Demon’s Souls, the award-winning action RPG prequel to Dark Souls for PlayStation 3 (PS3) Computer Entertainment System, will be coming in downloadable form to the PlayStation Network (PSN) on 1/8/13 for $19.99.

To celebrate the release of Demon’s Souls on PSN, ATLUS is hosting a World Tendency Event for one week starting on 1/8/13 and ending on 1/14/13, setting the servers to Pure White. For those that haven’t played the game (or simply need a refresher), Pure White Tendency brings a number of changes to the game. For one, the game will be adjusted to an easier difficulty setting, where enemies will have decreased HP, attack power, and defense, while players will inflict more damage when attacking. Pure White Tendency is a rare occurance in the game so this is a great way for newcomers to learn the gameplay and immerse themselves in the world of Demon’s Souls. Additionally, enemies will drop fewer upgrade stones and more healing items. New areas and special NPCs will also be open; players just need to know where to find them.

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Some New ‘Devil May Cry’ Videos


Here are three new videos showing off gameplay and some crazy combos from Dante and Vergil in this reboot of Devil May Cry that will be coming out earlier this year. I was worried about this game but after playing the demo the gameplay has me sold and I find myself interested in this new world and story they are creating. If you have not played it yet get the demo off of Xbox Live or The Playstation Network and give it a go yourself.

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Escape Deadlight – A Deadlight Fanfilm


This short fan movie from filmmaker Jason Forge is a tribute to the game Deadlight. Randall is trying to survive in a world of madness full of zombies with glowy eyes. It has a good look and is well made. Give it a watch and if you have not played Deadlight then read our review below and then pick it up on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade or The Playstation Network.

Devil May Cry – A Trailer for the Demo


Head to Xbox Live or The Playstation Network to download the demo for the new and much anticipated Devil May Cry game from Ninja Theory. You will get to play two missions and really get a feel for what this game offers. It looks great and despite reservations as to the new direction you should get some hands on time and see what you think about how it plays.

Experience a brand new chapter of the DmC Devil May Cry adventure with Vergil’s Downfall, additional content that tells the untold story of Dante’s twin brother Vergil. Downloadable* from XBLA and PSN, Vergil’s Downfall contains hours of new gameplay, 4 difficulty levels and the opportunity to play as one of the most wanted Devil May Cry characters, Vergil, with an all new storyline, weapons, combos, enemies and locations.

ToeJam & Earl and ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Now Available for Digital Download


SEGA®of America Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. are pleased to announce the return of ToeJam & Earl™ and ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron™ today, November 6th, on PlayStation®Network in North America and tomorrow, November 7th, on PlayStation®Network in Europe as well as globally on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Players will be able to download these classics separately on PlayStation®Network for US $4.99 and bundled together on Xbox LIVE® Arcade as Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl for 800 Microsoft Points.

In ToeJam & Earl, players must help the funky alien duo find the missing pieces of their ship after crash landing on the craziest planet in the galaxy: Earth! Explore changing landscapes and collect an assortment of helpful (and harmful!) items while avoiding the planet’s more unique denizens.

ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron, finds our heroes back on their home planet with an unexpected cargo of human stowaways! It’s up to you to capture and send these troublemakers back to Earth and restore peace to Funkotron.
Both titles have been updated with support for achievements and trophies, as well as full online co-op support.

Doublefine Deals on Xbox Live

Deals, Games

Fans of Tim Schafer and Doublefine Studios will be happy to know that the Deal of the Week on Xbox Live Arcade is 50% off of Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched), Stacking, and Costume Quest along with their expansions. In addition you can get the digital download of Brutal Legend for 81% off on Xbox Live and The Playstation Network. Good deals for great games.

Naughty Bear:Panic in Paradise and Worms:Revolution Available Today


If you go down to the woods today… actually, don’t go down to the woods there’s no internet connection there so you won’t be able to download Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise for Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®Network. Not only can you join Naughty on his quest to wipe out all 36 bears on his hit list from today but you can also get your paws on the first two pieces of downloadable content as well. Relive your favourite 70’s horror moments with the Paradise Island Chainsaw Massacre set containing the Bearface mask, costume and chainsaw weapon complete with a unique ultra-kill.

Team17 is proud to announce the release of Worms™ Revolution. Worms™ Revolution is available to download now from the Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE Arcade Marketplace, PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation®Network Store and PC via Steam.Worms™ Revolution sticks an exploding sheep under worm-on-worm conflict and blasts it squarely into the 21st century. With 32 single player missions, 20 single player puzzles, online or local multiplayer for up to 4 players, 3 multiplayer modes, customisation, worm classes and dynamic water!

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Demo Available on The Playstation Network


Today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced a playable demo for Silent Hill: Book of Memories that is now available via download on PlayStation®Network. Created exclusively for the PlayStation®Vita, this next installment brings all-new gameplay features not normally native to the Silent Hill universe, including Role Playing Game elements and online multiplayer functionality.

The free demo showcases the first two zones of the game, giving players access to some of the arsenal of weapons, power-ups and storylines throughout the game. In addition, players will also see some of the iconic enemies of Silent Hill past, including the nurses.

SILENT HILL: BOOK OF MEMORIES is an all-new game in the Silent Hill series, with a unique premise and storyline.  The story begins with a strange book that is received, inside that book is your entire life story to this point, everything that’s ever happened to you; all of your memories. You discover that by altering what’s written… you can actually change the past and write your own ideal history.

Silent Hill Book of Memories will be available in retail stores nationwide on October 16th, 2012.

Pre-order your copy for the PS Vita at the link below.

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Naughty Bear Heads to Paradise


505 Games, a global publisher of video games, have announced that Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise, the new action-adventure game starring everyone’s favourite sociopathic Teddy Bear, will make its debut on October 10, 2012 for the Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®Network.

In Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise everyone’s favourite anti-hero is tracking down his hit list of bears across 11 all-new, expanded locations and making full use of his brand new combat system, special attacks and ultra-kills galore.

The fun doesn’t stop there for fans of all things naughty. The game will be supported by 12 DLC updates in the first three months of release offering a variety of new weapons, ultra kills and character costumes inspired by cult Hollywood villains and heroes. Players will be able to start their own Paradise Island Chainsaw Massacre, make every day Friday 13th as Jason Pawhees and prove they are the only bear naughty enough to wield the mighty Mjolnpaw Hammer.

Check out video of this new game below.