Avengers vs. X-men #11 – Who Fell In Battle Today??? (SPOILERS)

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This Avengers vs. Xmen crossover event has been going for quite awhile now and has been mostly lackluster in my opinion. I like what I like and don’t what I don’t and I’m not taking anything away from what the creators make but it just has not done much for me. I never understood the whole let’s pit all the good guys against each other thing but it’s something to do, a bit of a spectacle and with the restart (not reboot) coming up they can afford to shake things up a bit which is what seems to be happening here. Marvel is doing very well for themselves with the success of their films and they are trying to create a more cohesive universe overall. It does seem though that a lot of creative decisions are being made both at Marvel and DC in order to get press. The gay marriage beteen X-man Northstar and his companion in the X-men books and DC’s reimagining of Green Lantern Alan Scott as a gay man. More recently the announcement of another new Green Lantern who would be a Muslim character. I have no problems at all with any of this. Our real world is full of a variety of people in many walks of life and the comics should reflect that, it’s just when it’s done in the way they are doing it in which they try to force the impact on us that it seems like more of a hollow gesture with ulterior motives. Maybe I’m wrong but it does have at least a sliver of truth to it. Deaths in comics can be considered the same kind of thing. Something done more for shock value than purposeful direction. In comics for a long time now deaths seemed to not really even matter as any number of fantastic reasons can be concieved to return a hero or villain to the fictional living world. In todays release of the newest Avengers vs. Xmen comic a death occurred and while it can be looked as just another bit of comic book death fluff there is also purpose to it. If you would like to know what went down and who is no more. Click the read more tab but be warned…..SPOILERS ahead. Who fell in battle today???

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Marvel NOW – Introducing The Avengers


Starting this December one of my favorite writers in comics, Jonathon Hickman teams up with artists Jerome Opena to bring us the newest team of Avengers in Marvel NOW’s new phase of the Marvel comic Universe. This recently released picture shows the interconnected covers of the first few issues and showcases this rather eclectic new roster. As you can see the new team will consist of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, The Falcon, Spider Man, Spider Woman, Wolverine, Captain Marvel along with Cannonball and Sunspot of The New Mutants. Those are interesting additions with the Avengers Vs. X-men storyline still going right now. There is also a shadowy figure in the bottom left of the picture that many are speculating could be Ant Man. this is one of the biggest teams yet and Hickman plans on making sure that everyone gets their moment to shine and feels important in the stories. Looks interesting. We will see what comes to be.