Footage for ‘The Host 2’


This is not to be confused with the Stephanie Meyer book being made into a film. This is a direct sequel to the 2006 South Korean monster movie, The Host. It’s a great movie. If you have not seen it do yourself a favor and make it one to watch. Imagine a much better non handy cam Cloverfield. Above is the first footage for this upcoming sequel. I had no idea it was being made but as a fan of the first one I’m glad to see it coming.

Get your copy of The Host on Blu Ray at the link below.

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Gangnam Style

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Keep your swag. We’ve got Gangnam Style.

Gangnam Style is the hit single from South Korean Rapper and Pop Star, PSY. The music video is full of over the top randomnes and explosions and a hit dance and addictive pop sensibility that has helped it become the new “it” thing. Musically it is infectious but the real appeal is in the dance itself and the almost cartoonish vibe that makes up the whole thing. It has spread virally, become a meme, been played at sporting events and clubs causing those in attendance to break out in the dance and just generally found its way into pop culture. Continue reading

Musicshake (User Generated Music)

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Musicshake is a simple music making program that lets anyone with a love of music but without any real formal music knowledge or training create their own songs. It was created in 2007 by South Korean, Hyeong Sik Yun. Musicshake uses a number of samples from various instruments and allows you to place them and modify pitch, speed and tone. you can even switch up the style on the fly to go from rock to hip hop in an instant. While this tech is not new and is used by many other programs both simple and complex Musicshake allows for a more simplistic interface making song creation easier. Continue reading

Marathon Gaming Claims Another Life

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Once again an extreme marathon session of gaming has been directly associated with a death. An 18 year old gamer in Taiwan went on a nearly 2 day gaming binge without water, food or sleep in a private room he booked at a 24 hour internet cafe. He was found unconscious by an employee and after being shaken back to responsiveness collapsed to the floor upon standing. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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