Marvel Comics – Project Gamma

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Another announcement at SXSW by Marvel was Project Gamma. This new endeavor will allow for timed and paced musical score to be applied to certain digital comics. It will create a more immersive and engrossing reading experience. It will only be a part of a few select comics for the time being but depending on its popularity it could see more widespread application. It was well received at the annoucement and looks to be a promising new addition to Marvel’s new digital world.

New Marvel Comics Teaser – Project GAMMA



Marvel has released another new teaser. This time it is two images, one Red and one Green with Project: GAMMA (Confidential) listed. This is associated with SXSW which Marvel will be making a number of annoucnements concerning future projects in the digital realm this Sunday, March 10th. These teasers obviously have to do with the Green and Red Hulk’s but whaty exactly? Check back here on Sunday for more information.