Joseph Gordon Levitt up for ‘Star Lord’ Role in Guardians of the Galaxy??

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It seems like any new movie announced nowadays soon has Joseph Gordon Levitt being speculated as the potential star. After the events of The Dark Knight Rises many assumed he would be the next Batman but I find that unlikey and pretty confusing actually. All these restarts and reboots are making the film universe very nearly as convuluted in its continuity as the comic book world they are spawned from.

As of today rumor abounds that Joey Lev is up for the starring role in the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. That role being Star Lord. It is being said that this will be a huge role given a lot of attention and really help the star level of whoever gets the role. Jim Sturgess, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Lee Pace and others have had their names in the hat to play the role with Pace recently saying in an interview he was off to audition for the role. All of these men are very talented in their own rights but I am really hoping it is Pace who gets the role. I feel he needs this boost in notoriety and that he would bring a lot to the role.

Add to that the fact that this is another instance of an actor in a DC movie starring in a Marvel one (or vice versa). Ryan Reynolds having played Deadpool (Marvel) and Green Lantern (DC) along with Chris Evans having starred in The Losers (DC/Vertigo) and Captain America (Marvel….and The Fantastic Four….it’s own bit of confusement). It’s not the biggest of deals but is simply a case of why? I get it if it is felt by those in charge and the know that that actor is the one for the role. You have an industry full of actors who fit the look and can play the part but it seems more often than not that there are some kind of behind the scenes political happenings going on to push certain actors towards the front.

We shall see if more comes of this or if it is just a rumor of the day or week.

Batman News ‘as I heard it’


joseph gordon levitt as batman

So I guess there’s this guy, George Gordon Levi.  I think he was the kid from that show 30 Rock from the Sun.  I haven’t seen him since Inception Horn, but apparently he worked on one of the new Christopher Nolan versions of the Batman movies.  Christopher Nolan also did The Illusionist.  Maybe it was The edward norton smiley facePrestige.  I can’t remember which one he did and I can’t be bothered to Google it, but it was the one with Christian (“Swear to me!”) Bale and not Edward “Not Ben Affleck” Norton.


Where was I?  Something about the Hulk…no, I remember.  So Christian Bale was Batman for three movies and I heard at the end of the third one, George Gordon (not commissioner Gordon, that was Gary “I can’t believe that’s GarTotally Gary Oldmany Oldman” Oldman) is supposed to do something and someone says something like, “What’s your name??” and he’s like “Robin”.  I sort of missed the context of this comment, but I think it has relevancy.  You see, there were some rumors that Gordon Levi would be Batman in the Justice League movie, which is apparently being made.  So the connection with Gordie and Batman is that his name was “Robin”, like that means something.  Robin’s name wasn’t even Robin, it was something like Dick, or Master.  In either case, Robin was more like a stage name.  Forgive me if some of my facts are fuzzy, I was always more of a Marvel guy.


Now, the rumors were that Levi would be Batman, Does this look like the face of a Batman?but it seems to me more plausible that the rumors should be that he would portray Robin.  Whatever, the internet says he’s going to be Batman.  But then Geordie’s people say that he’s not going to be Batman, and I believed it.  But then I Now that's the look of a, on a website with a way higher page rank than, that Geordi would be the next Batman.  I don’t know who to trust, some well ranked website (compared to fizmarble) or the people directly NOT involved with the new Justice League movie.

There may have been more to the story, but I was only half listening.

No Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman in The Justice League

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I didn’t want to write about this because honestly it just seemed dumb to me be it news or not but it’s denouncement makes it an easier pill to swallow. Rumor was going around yesterday via some well respected movie news sites that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in talks to be involved in the upcoming Justice League film as Batman potentially. While Christopher Nolan has parted ways after completing his Batman trilogy, Levitt was signed to a Warner Bros. contract and could have potentially taken the role if both parties decided to go that route. For all intents and purposes Levitt was Robin in The Dark Knight Rises as if he took on the Batman role in The Justice League it would be a non Bruce Wayne, Batman. That’s dumb. If DC is wanting to get things rolling in a positive way that would have been a horrible first step.

Representatives of Levitt said via today that this is definitely not going to happen and that it was a case of a rumor becoming more than it is. I like Levitt but he would not be my pick for Batman and his inclusion would only distract from whatever new vision and path they want to take with the JLA team. So for now there is nothing too solid to report on this film other than speculative conjecture and wishful thinking.

New Animated Looper Trailer


Looper is out this Friday and I’m going to see it. You should too. Starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt this sci-fi action film just keeps looking better and better. Written and Directed by Rian Johnson (who previously teamed with Levitt on Brick) Looper has a new animated trailer out that you can view below.

New Looper Featurette


Looper will be out on September 28th and buzz is building. More and more viral offerings are being provided as we near the release date and you can get in on it at the Looper Network web site by clicking the link below.

Looper Network

Check it out and play some of the missions to unlock viral goodies. The most recent being the new featurette on the film.

Check out the new Featurette below.