The Wolverine – Web Chat & A New Poster

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If you missed the Live Chat on the set of The Wolverine yesterday you can check out the replay above. Director James Mangold and his star Hugh Jackman talk about hte production, story and character and what both of them want to bring to the role. A new and might I add very cool poster for the film was also released in conjunction. Check that out below.

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The Wolverine Live Chat at 1PM Pacific Time


Remember to head over to one of the links below to get in on the live chat for The Wolverine that will be happening at 1PM Pacific time. Director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman will be answering questions and talking about the film along with showing new behind the scenes goodies from The Wolverine. Get to the live chat at the links below.

The Wolverine Offiial Site

The Wolverine on Youtube

The Wolverine – New Photo and Details

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A new pic has been released by Empire Magazine of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the upcoming film. In this photo you can see him sporting bone claws so this would of course be before the adamantium bonding procedure.

New details have emerged about the film as well. Many expected it to be a period piece and a prequel of sorts. While it is a standalone movie with no releation to the previous Wolverine movie it will occur after the events of X-men 3:The Last Stand. Jean Grey is dead and the X-men have disbanded. It will deal with Wolverine’s seemingly immortal nature, his deep feelings of isolation and his past in Japan. Pretty cool stuff. A bit deeper than I had expected and I like that it will die into the X-men film mythology. I’m now looking forward to this more than before.

A Live Chat With Hugh Jackman and Director James Mangold for The Wolverine

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Next Monday (October 29th) at 1 PM Pacific Time their will be a live chat featuring Hugh Jackman and James Mangold for The Wolverine. They will answer questions and show behind the scenes footage for this upcoming film release. To watch it just go to one of the the following links:

Wolverine Youtube

Wolverine Official Site

You can also be a part of the live chat by submitting questiosn you would like answered to the Facebook page here:  or by using this Twitter Hashtag: #TheWolverineLive


Happy Birthday to Hugh Jackman

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Fizmarble would like to send out a very Happy Birthday to Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman. He is currently hard at work filming The Wolverine in Japan which is scheduled for release in the summer of next year. Before that though he will star in the film version of the classic play, Les Miserables which will be releasedon December 14th of this year.

Hugh loves the role of Wolverine and will keep doing it as long as he is able. We say thanks for the great work he has done in film. From X-men to The Fountain to Swordfish to Real Steel and all the ones in between he has always been entertaining and dedicated himself to bringing the best to each role he gets. Happy Birthday bub.

The Wolverine Models Jeans

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Here is the first promo shot of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in The Wolverine which is currently in production. Jackman has once again gotten into supreme shape for the role. I had heard that when Darren Aronofsky was still attached to this movie that he wanted Jackman to put on a bit of weight and while a bit of buff may have been added it seems like the focus was conditioning as this is the most ripped he has been to date…..even considering the creative use of lighting and Photo Shop. The characters trademark hair has been toned down significantly but other than that he looks like he usually does.

While the last movie was not great in my opinion there is no doubting Jackman’s love and dedication for and to the character and that is truly commendable. James Mangold, who has directed Knight and Day, Walk the Line, Girl Interrupted, 3:10 to Yuma and more is directing this film which is scheduled for release on July 26th of next year. This film is considered a stand alone story and looks to Wolverine’s history in Japan. The story is based on the history created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller and will see Wolverine pit his claws against the sword of the Silver Samurai.

Pick up your copy of Wolverine:Origins or the X-men Trilogy on Blu Ray at the links below.

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