Zen Pinball HD Now Available on Google Play

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Zen Studios, creators of Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball, and Pinball FX2 today announced Zen Pinball HD is available for Google Play™ for Android powered smart phones and tablets. Zen Pinball HD is the most exciting mobile pinball game experience available, featuring interactive 3D models, the most advanced ball physics, rich social features and hot seat multiplayer, Zen Pinball HD continues the rich pinball tradition established by Zen Studios, the definitive leader in pinball videogames.

To celebrate the release of Zen Pinball HD, all Marvel themed pinball tables will be on sale for $0.99 for the first week of release!

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Pinball FX2 Zen Classics Impressions

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Zen Studios has given us a steady stream of high quality, fun, and varied pinball tables over the last couple of years.  Over time, the quality of design of the tables has improved greatly, which makes the recent (re)release of these classic tables a touch bittersweet.

The Zen Classics tables originally appeared as part of Zen Pinball on the PS3, making this their first appearance on the Xbox 360.  Because these tables are remakes, albeit with improved graphics and physics, they don’t quite display the quality, flair, and balance that the more recently developed tables do.  On the other hand, all four tables bring a retro vibe that fans of the early 90’s pinball era should be stoked for.

Whereas the more modern styled tables typically include a 3D model of a character or two, these classic tables are more “realistic” and you really get the sense that there are physical mechanisms at work here.  The included tables are:

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‘Zen Classics’ Releasing This Wednesday for Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE® Arcade!


I want this Tesla table.

Zen Studios, the definitive leader in videogame pinball, today announced Zen Classics as DLC for Pinball FX2, the hugely popular game on Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Each table in this 4-table pack has been digitally re-mastered with upgraded graphics and physics, and will seamlessly integrate into the Pinball FX2 game system.

“It is incredible that support from our fans has enabled us to continue making content for Pinball FX2 more than two years after its release,” said Neil Sorens, Zen Studios’ Creative Director. “The Pinball FX2 community is one of the best out there, and we know they have been anxiously awaiting the release of these original designs.”

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Marvel Civil War – Pinball FX2 table review

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Civil War Battle

Pinball FX2 is inarguably one of the finest Pinball simulations ever made.  Both the physics and graphics engine behind the tables are very well done.  It’s then up to developers Zen Studios to produce tables that utilize the FX2 engine artfully to ensure that pinball fans have a variety of themes and skill levels to choose from.  These tables are released as downloadable expansions to the base game.  This is a review of one of these expansions.

The Marvel license has been good to the Pinball FX franchise.  Digital pinball wizards have an assortment of Marvel tables featuring some great characters and “storylines”.  The story in the Marvel Civil War table unsurprisingly follows the Civil War storyline in the comics.  This storyline follows the tragic incident at Stamford, Connecticut where super villain Nitro killed more than 600 people with his mutant powers.

This event causes the government to enact the Superhuman Registration Act in an effort to catalog and track superpeople worldwide.  Iron Man agrees to help round up the superhumans whereas Captain America refuses, seeing it as an infringement on civil liberties.  This disagreement between two prominent superheroes results in a “civil war”.  Both sides of the issue rally for support of other mutants as the war gets bigger and and deadlier. Continue reading

Zen Studios Releases Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ Themed Pinball Table

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Zen Studios has released its newest Marvel themed table for Pinball FX2 today. It’s the best Pinball sim game you could ever hope for and they keep dishing out the high quality tables. This newest one is based on the Civil War storyline that pit hero versus hero against each other over differing opinions and views. Fight for the side you believe in utilizing little metal spheres and your talent of striking them to various locations using skill and occassional randomness.

Zen Studios were nice enough to make the soundtrack for this table available for FREE as well. Head to the bottom of this page to download the tracks for yourself and enjoy the sound of comic book pinball conflict whenever you feel like it.

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Marvel Pinball: Civil War Begins Next Week

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Join forces with Iron Man or Captain America in the newest Marvel Pinball table, Civil War! The Superhuman Registration act has stirred up controversy within the Marvel universe. If passed, this act would force those with super powers to register with the federal government and reveal their true identities. Iron Man is in favor of this act, while Captain America leads the charge against it. Choose a side and rally the support of other superheroes!

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Plants vs. Zombies Pinball & Talking Zombatar App


Two gaming powerhouses combine when Zen Studios and Popcap games fuse their properties to bring you Plants vs. Zombies pinball. Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been announced and will be making its was to PC and consoles in the early spring of next year. That doesn’t have to stop you from getting your PvsZ fix a bit earlier. Zen Studios knows Pinball having created a number of extremely well done original tables and licensed tables from Marvel and others. It will be available for Xbox Live Arcade, The Playstation Network and PC. No news on if iOS will get a version as of yet. Below is the launch trailer for this upcoming game.

Plants vs. Zombies Pinball Launch Trailer


A new app is being developed as well releated to Plants vs. Zombies. Available later this year you can get your very own talking Zombatar for your phone or tablet. It’s your very own talking pet zombie that you can dress up and make dance and….I guess feed brains. Check out the video below.

Plants vs. Zombies Talking Zombatar