Demo Gameplay – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Today, the demo for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron hit Xbox Live and PSN.  The direct sequel to War for Cybertron, FoC is an improvement upon an already great game.

The demo gives you a chance to try out both single player campaigns as well as some sweet, sweet multiplayer.

There is a variety of weaponry available, depending on which of the four classes you choose.  Each class has different speed, strength, and health statistics, as well as having different special powers.  If you played WfC, then you will feel right at home with FoC.

We captured a little multiplayer gameplay.  If this leaves you with a hunger for more metallic mayhem, go grab the demo for yourself.  It’s free, and it’s transformers.

Autobots, preorder the game here!

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(New Media Day) Releases For July 24th

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Blu Ray/DVD

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Game of Thrones – Season 1 (Blu Ray/DVD)

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Kinect PlayFit launched this week–Earn virtual rewards for actual work

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Kinect PlayFit

Kinect for Xbox 360 has always asked more from you than traditional video games have.  If you want your character to jump, you have to jump.  If you want them to kick in a door, you have to kick.

Some games have provided calorie counters for all of this hard work we do.  But these calorie trackers are typically reserved for fitness oriented games like YourShape, and Dance Central.

Now available as a free app for all Xbox Live members, PlayFit will track your calories and playtime independently from your fitness games.

From the press release:

Kinect PlayFit is a new fitness dashboard that aggregates and tracks the calories you burn as you play a variety of Kinect games, from “Dance Central 2” to “Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012” to “Kinect Star Wars.”

Kinect PlayFit lets you view your personal stats over time and see leaderboards that show how you rank against Xbox LIVE members across the globe. Get credit for the calories you burn while having fun with Kinect, and earn Kinect PlayFit Achievements, Gamerscore and Avatar Awards.

Kinect PlayFit inspires an active and healthy lifestyle through fun and play:

  • First of Its Kind – This is the first ever fitness tracking application on a video game console.
  • Social Motivation – Kinect PlayFit keeps it social with activity challenges, rankings on leaderboards and integration with the Xbox LIVE community to break a sweat together.
  • Survey Says – According to a recent survey*nearly 75 percent of respondents believe that video games should include a component that encourages physical activity. Also, 70 percent said that physically active video games can complement or supplement traditional exercise.

So go ahead and weild that light saber in Kinect Star Wars.  And kick balls in Kinect Adventure.  And when your spouse/children/parents/partner tells you to quit playing those silly games,  you can tell them you are exercising, and have the calorie count to back it up.

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(New Media Day) Releases for June 26th

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Below you will find some choice Blu Ray, Music, Video Game and Book releases for today. Also a great deal on the first season of Game of Thrones on Blu Ray. See if something among these is a click away from entertaining you.

Blu Ray/DVD:

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