Marvel NOW – Variant Covers


Here are some new Variant covers for future Marvel NOW releases. We have the above interconnected covers for Thunderbolts #1. Below in order are variants for X-men Legacy #2 featuring Legion, the Unimpressed Deadpool variant for All New X-men #1, the Iceman cover for that same issue, an Avengers #1 variant, Captain America #2, an Iron Man #1 variant and variants for Thor #1,#2 and #3. Chceck them out.

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More Marvel NOW (Captain America and X-Men Legacy)


Above is the cover for the new first issue of Captain America that will come out in November. John Romita will be doing up the art and cureent Uncanny X-Force scribe Rick Remender is dishing out the words. While Cap’s uniform does appear to have some mild alterations to it it is not the extreme overhaul that showed up in concept sketches that made the rounds weeks ago. Below you can see one of the concept sketches for a new look. Continue reading