World of Heroes – Bad Days

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Check out these fun animated videos that can be found over at World of Heroes. They are created and directed by Junaid Chundrigar and Davor Bujakovic. they feature various heroes and villains from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse having well…not the best of days. Each one features a cameo from a special someone in comics as well. Check out Spider-man’s Bad Day above and then click the link below to see more well known characters having their’s.

Bad Days


Stan Lee’s ‘Academy of Heroes’

Comics, Movies/TV

Here are the first three episodes of Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes which are showcased on the World of Heroes Youtube page. Check it out if you’re either a fan of super heroics and virtue and the like or if you’re into awkward train wreck reality couple with ultra fantasy.

Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes brings together the real life super heroes that walk the streets and help people everyday. Stan Lee personally challenges these heroic individuals will face their weaknesses in order to enhance their abilities in the real world.

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