Unity 4.1 is Available Now

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Unity Technologies have just announced that Unity 4.1, the first product cycle
release for Unity 4 engine and toolset is now available to download from http://unity3d.com/unity/download/. The first update release for Unity 4, 4.1 is packed with amazing Pro and Free features including support for Apple AirPlay, and is designed so that developers can seamlessly improve game performance and easily create awesome new content.

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New Screens and Development Update Blog for ‘République’



Since reaching their half-million dollar funding goal through Kickstarter last May, the development team over at Camouflaj has had their heads down, focusing on the most essential aspects of République’s development.

Developed on the Unity platform, Camouflaj has just released the first new screens of République, offering a fresh new look at the game since last showing the game to the public eight months ago. Slated for iOS late this summer and PC and Mac “soon after,” République is the focus of a newly released development video blog that discusses topics including the creative development of a community-funded game and the art needs of bringing the world of “Metamorphosis” to life.

For more information please go to: http://www.camouflaj.com/ or


The Unity Engine – The Butterfly Effect Trailer (Real Time and Making Of)

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The Unity Engine is made by….well….Unity. It won Best Engine at the 2012 Develop Awards and in the past few weeks as released more video showing what this engine can do.It’s great to see people still trying to create and innovate in the face of powerhouses like the Unreal Engine and Frostbite 2.0. There is room for more than just what is. Take a look at the video to see The Unity Engine in action and then check out the making of featurette below.

Zombie Playground Creators Release Mothhead (An Interactive Art Demo)

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Mothhead, a wildly creative interactive art demonstration showing the power of the Unity tools and engine when put in the hands of seasoned artists, was released today on the Unity website. Massive Black, currently developing wild actioner Zombie Playground, worked on the demo as their first interactive project following years as one of the film and games industries most respected and talented art and concept houses.

Based off of legendary sculptor and concept artist Peter Konig’s designs, Mothhead lets players explore two wonderfully creative and aesthetically different environments full of life. Built as an art demo to show the capabilities of Unity in the hands of artists, Mothhead includes very lite gameplay elements (on top of basic exploration) where players will have to bring a moth and its shambling body together to find their way across a chasm and out onto a patio where a friend is trapped and must be freed.

PC and Mac versions of the Mothhead demo can be found at: http://www.unity3d.com/promo/mothhead