Guardians of Middle-earth Announces New DLC Character – Saruman

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Gamers can download and play as the infamous White Wizard, Saruman in Guardians of Middle-earth on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Before his betrayal, Saruman was the Chief of the Wizards and leader of the White Council, including leading fellow Wizards, Radagast and Gandalf, all of whom were sent to protect Middle-earth.

Lee Pace Auditioning for Star-Lord in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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MTV caught up with Lee Pace at The Hobbit premiere. While their they probed him for info about his auditioning for the role of Star-Lord in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film. You can see he is a bit hesitant to talk about it and he says it best himself in that yes he has the audition but he still has to go get the role. I would love to see Pace play Star-Lord. I’ve been waiting to see him become the bigger star he can and will be and being attached to a Marvel film really helps that nowadays. James Gunn (Slither, Super) is attached to direct Guardians and things are really starting to push forward on this project. Best of luck and skill to Lee in his audition and here’s to hoping he gets it. Lee plays the elf, Thranduil in the new Hobbit movies and if you are unfamiliar you should pick up the TV series, Pushing Daisies and the movie, The Fall to see more of what Mr. Pace can do.

You can watch the interview from MTV below.

Get Pushing Daisies and The Fall at the links below.

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The Hobbit – A Return to Middle-Earth


Here is a special in depth look at The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It contains a few spoilers (for those who have not read the books) and shows a lot of new footage of this movie that will be out on December 14th. Peter Jackson takes you back to The Shire and more in this Lord of the Rings prequel. Let the adventure begin.

A Whole Lot of Hobbit B-Roll Footage


With The Hobbit nearly here it is being talked about a whole lot. I’m told a picture is worth a thousand words so maybe vidoe is worth a thousand pictures. Here is a whole lot of B-Roll footage from the filming of The Hobbit. It’s a nice look at what goes into crafting a film and what everyone involved does in making that happen. Take a look and enjoy.
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Bilbo Baggins Receives the Sword ‘Sting’ in this Clip from The Hobbit


In this exclusive clip played on Syfy earlier yesterday we see Gandalf present Bilbo with the famed blade ‘Sting’. The Hobbit will be in theaters on December 14th. Keep those eyes open to Fizmarble, as the promotional train is picking up speed.

‘Song of the Lonely Mountain’ – Neil Finn Makes Music for The Hobbit

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Click the link below to listen to this song Neil Finn of Crowded House fame made for The Hobbit:

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is fast approaching, and the epic adventure movie gets an appropriately epic ballad with Neil Finn’s “Song of the Lonely Mountain.” With angelic vocals, swooning strings and a slow, determined build, the tune captures the feel of an arduous trek across a rocky, perilous landscape. Metal crashes invoke blacksmiths hard at work forging weapons in the fire while the classical guitar floats between the chants and clattering percussion.

“‘The Song of the Lonely Mountain’ was developed from a dark and mysterious theme which the dwarves sing early in the movie,” Finn tells Rolling Stone. He says Jackson and his team suggested he get in a “dwarven state of mind” as he shaped the song to play over the end credits. “After some days of mining underground (actually, in Peters office) I emerged with the song, then set about recording it with my sons Elroy and Liam. Dave Fridmann came in at the end with a bold mix. He seemed to respond well to my demands for ‘more anvil!’ Pop music needs more anvil!”

The soundtrack for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be out on December 11th. The film, part one in a trilogy, opens December 14th. You can pre-order the song here. (reprinted from with all credit going to it)


The Hobbit – First Track from the Score and New Footage

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Check out the new TV spot for The Hobbit which hits theaters on December 14th. It will be here soon enough. You can also get your first auditory peek at a track from the film score below. Howard Shore is the man behind the soundtrack. Neil Finn of Crowded House will also be contributing a new original song to it.

Air New Zealand and a Hobbit Themed Safety Video

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Air New Zealand has teamed up with The Hobbit and The Weta Workshop to bring you this hobbity airline safety video. It’s fun and I actually wish more airlines would add a little bit of entertainment in with their information. This is the second air travel related Hobbit tie in that Weta has been involved with. Earlier last week they installed a massive Gollum statue at the Wellington Airport in New Zealand. If you happen to pass through it is a bit hard to miss. It’s a brilliant marketing idea along with the safety video. Thousands travel each day and will see both and be infected with the information and charm. Check out pics and video of the Gollum statue and its installation below.

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Great Article on Andy Serkis at Ft Magazine

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Andy Serkis is a talented individual. He has portrayed a number of characters without his face truly being seen and done better with them then most others could. He works in video games and film. Behind the scenes and on stage. He has a vast creative mind and is always exploring new ways to share it with people. FT Magazine wrote an in depth article about him that is a great read for fans and non-fans alike. Check it out at the link below and gain some new insight on a rather incredible person.

FT Magazine – Andy Serkis