Help Unlock A ‘Man of Steel’ Exclusive

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There is a new tie in going on with the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises. By clicking the lower left of the image above you can help unlock an unknwon exclusive for next summer’s The Man of Steel. It’s not specifically said what it is but we could be getting a trailer teaser or new poster or some such of Superman and the film. It was announced today that a trailer for Man of Steel will be attached to The Hobbit. A teaser of the trailer is most likely much like the Iron Man 3 trailer tie in thing. So click on that button/link and help unlock this lockd up thing…whatever it is. Up, up and away.

New Dark Knight Rises Poster



A new poster has arrived for this summer’s The Dark Knight Rises. While it doesn’t provide us with anything new in the way of story points, it does return us to the Batman Begins color palette.

TDKR opens on July 20th, and we at Fizmarble are semi-patiently counting down the days (it’s two months away!).

Here is the newest trailer to keep you occupied till this July:

The Dark Knight Rises