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Warning, this article is intended for 18 and up readers. (I talk about poop and silly body parts).


It has been a few days, two and a half to be exact, since I last had a cigarette. My body should be nearly free of nicotine and excess carbon monoxide, and for the most part I feel the same. It’s reassuring to know my world has not crumbled under the weight of not smoking. But there have been some hiccups…

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Adam Vs. Smoking Part 1

Blog, Left Field


The picture up top is of my last pack of cigarettes. It’s also probably my 16th last pack of cigarettes. Why am I so sure that this really is my last box? Because I said so. I’ve quit smoking before with relative ease, but I always started again because I like smoking cigarettes. This is my go at getting it right, my run at truly quitting, my gift to future Adam. Continue reading