“Fang Island” Wants To Nibble Your Ears – A Review of Major

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Fang Island are one of those bands that are destined to be “more” but you almost don’t want them to be. It’s a greedy thought, I know. You like being the one aware of them. You like adding them to a mix cd for a friend only to have that friend ask about the definitive radness that is track 3. You like the songs feeling like they are a little bit yours. You say there name and people wonder who that is and you feel like you know a secret. They are a great and powerful sound that can not be kept hidden and to the great benefit of anyone who hears them the secret is out. Continue reading

Post-Rock Talkin’

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I had originally intended to do a review of “Valtari”, the newest album by the Icelandic foursome, Sigur Ros (pronounced See Gore Rose). Instead, I decided to do an overview of the genre of music some say they helped create. Post-rock is the name commonly attributed to what they do. A coined term like grunge or alt country. Many “post-rock” bands are less than enthused about being categorized under that label, much less at all. I can completely understand that, but still, it has to be called something, I guess, and that’s what got thrown at the wall and stuck. Continue reading