LMFAO Have Made Like a Banana and Split


Redfoo and Sky Blu who are the duo that makes up LMFAO have amicably split up as a band for the time being in order to pursue other personal projects and interests. These two Party Rockers will continue to make music just not with each other for the time being. That’s it. No punches were thrown or disparaging remarks uttered. Both continue to have crazy hair and wiggle,wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wigge……yeah.

Party Rock below.

Get your LMFAO MP3 fix at the link below.

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“Fang Island” Wants To Nibble Your Ears – A Review of Major

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Fang Island are one of those bands that are destined to be “more” but you almost don’t want them to be. It’s a greedy thought, I know. You like being the one aware of them. You like adding them to a mix cd for a friend only to have that friend ask about the definitive radness that is track 3. You like the songs feeling like they are a little bit yours. You say there name and people wonder who that is and you feel like you know a secret. They are a great and powerful sound that can not be kept hidden and to the great benefit of anyone who hears them the secret is out. Continue reading