Win a Free Man of Steel T-Shirt!!!

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This summer, Superman returns to the big screen. But before that, he’s heading to Hot Topic.

Hot Topic will be the exclusive home of the new Man of Steel teaser tee—the first official Man of Steel shirt to hit the market. Featuring the film’s modern take on Superman’s iconic glyph, you can find the new shirt in Hot Topic stores or online at the Hot Topic website on March 25th.

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A Look at the Man of Steel from Total Film Magazine

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Here is a high definition look at the newest cover of Total Film Magazine. It gives a great look at Superman and Lois Lane looking off into the distance probably at the Batwing or something. Like Batman is up there flying and Lois is thinking how she likes fast men in fast rides and Superman is all like screw you Batman I don’t need planes for flying. Yeah….something like that.

Man of Steel Kid’s Books Show a Bit More of Superman and Zod

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Here are the covers to a number of sticker books and I Can Read kid’s books based on the upcoming Man of Steel mvoie. They show a few cool art pieces of Superman along with a better look at General Zod in his armor and Big Blue letting loose with heat vision. Check them out in the gallery below.

DC Sells Over 4 Million Digital Superman Comics

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Superman has surpassed the 4 million mark in digital sales for various Man of Steel related comics and in so doing wants to give back a bit. Click the link below and you can get the first issue of the new 52 Action Comics from Grant Morrison and Rags Morales. It’s only for 24 hours so head on over and get yours today.

If you want it, just follow this link:

And enter this code: #SUP4MILLION

Super New Superman Promo Pic

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Here is a badazz new promo pic from Man of Steel that was leaked. It’s a banner image and clicking on the picture will bring up the high def version of it. A nice shot Henry Cavill as Superman looking like he ready to take flight. This film will be out on June 14th. I have high hopes that it is Superman done right on film. I want to believe a man can fly.

Justice League Dependant on the Success of Man of Steel

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Rumor has been going around concerning the Justice League movie. It sounded like it was a definite as this and that concerning it have been talked about for months. It appears now that the future of the DC Comics film universe will depend on how well Man of Steel does in theaters. So if you want to see Superman team up with his fellow Justice Leaguers then you need to go see Man of Steel as much as possible. While it does not need to do Avengers numbers it needs to be comparable to the Dark Knight trilogy to really make eyebrows raises and show Warner Bros. this is a worthwhile investment.

DC Collectibles ‘Man of Steel’ Statue

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DC Comics has revealed its Man of Steel collectible statue that will be made available later in the year. It gives you the clearest look at the entire new costume Superman will be wearing in The Man of Steel movie starring Henry Cavill in the title role. Specifics about this collectible can be found below.

Sculpted by Gentle
Giant Studios Statue measures 13.25” high x 8.5” wide x 5.75” deep.
$129.95 US • On Sale May 2013