Metro: Last Light – Tech Demo


4A Games’ Metro 2033 was a smash hit in 2010, impressing PC gamers with its incredible graphics and unique gameplay, which bucked the bombastic trend that permeated the ever more explosive shooters of that era. The story, too, was a cut above the rest, having been adapted from a Russian novel that went viral online before becoming a best-selling published work. Unsurprisingly, a sequel was commissioned, and now players can experience it on Steam. Called Metro: Last Light, this long-awaited sequel offers a direct continuation of Metro 2033’s story, putting the player in the shoes of Ranger Artyom once more. Having done what was asked of him in 2033, regardless of the repercussions, Artyom must now explore long-forgotten sections of Moscow’s underground metro railway to confront his greatest fears, and to save what’s left of his post-apocalyptic world.

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Metro: Last Light – Salvation Trailer


Here is the newest trailer for Metro: Last Light. It is called Salvation and deals with the storyline up to this point. Familiarize yourself with this universe and then get ready to play this much anticipated sequel starting May 14th.

Pre-order your copy by clicking the link below.

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2 New Screenshots for Metro: Last Light


Metro Last Light Screen 1

I am excited for Metro: Last Light. As I see more from it I get more amped up for its release. Two new images have been released today and I think they look really, really good. Clean. Colorful but not too bright. Artistic. A sense of the real but with its own style. A little bit Elder Scrolls and a little bit Bioshock. Check out these two pics and see if they sell you even more or for the first tiem on Metro: Last Light.

Metro Last Light screen 2


Metro Last Light – ‘Genesis’ Trailer


We just posted on the FREE PC download of Metro 2033 you can get and now with the above video you can get another closer look at its sequel, Metro Last Light. Check it out and see what goodness is on its way.

Through the millennia, civilizations rose and fell, each re-telling their own story of the world’s creation. Now, beneath the ruins of Moscow, the last civilization of man has its own story to tell…

Pre-order your copy of Metro Last Light for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC at the links below.

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THQ Offering Metro 2033 for FREE as PC Download

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Metro Last Light comes out early next year and for those that want a refresher on the previous Metro game or want to play it for the first time now is your chance to get a free copy of it. THQ is offering a FREE PC download of Metro 2033 which you can get at the link below. It is a great game that is pretty underrated. I enjoyed it immensely and am really looking forward to the sequel.

Head to the link below via Facebook and then ‘Like’ the page in order to get your FREE download Key.

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Metro: Last Light – The Survivor Series (Commander)


Metro: Last Light has released various videos in their Survivor Series. We have seen the Preacher, the Model and now here is the Commander. The first Metro game was a blast to play. It was well done but did not get the recognition it deserved. Last Light looks to change that. Pre-order Metro: Last Light at the link below and check out the full run down on The Commander in the write up beneath that.

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