Transformers Art From The 80’s

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In honor of the release of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game this month we here at Fizmarble would like to take you back in time a bit. Back in 1984 Hasbro started selling their Transformers toys. High quality multi-articulated robots that turned into vehicles and creatures. Nowadays they are mostly an assemblage of plastic parts but back then they were primarily die-cast metal. They had weight and felt right and wouldn’t shatter into a million pieces if you happened to accidently step on them although they probably would get a screamed expletive or two if your dad’s foot found one. Continue reading

Alex Clare Makes Music – A Review of The Lateness of the Hour

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Shhhh…..He’s sleeping. Wake up Alex. Ok…Alex this is everyone. Everyone…this is Alex. Alex Clare is a relative newcomer whose debut album, the Lateness of the Hour, was released in July of last year. His song “Too Close” can be heard in the Microsoft commercial for their new version of Internet Explorer.

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