A Trailer for Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore

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Get an even better look at Iron Man, Black Widow, Punisher, War Machine and more in “Iron Man: Rise of Technovore,” an original anime movie coming to Blu-ray and DVD April 16!

Pre-order your copy at the link below.

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Iron Man 3 and Beyond – So is This a Tease of What’s to Come??

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Yesterday a new poster was released for Iron Man 3. It showed Tony Stark flanked by various armors launching towards the sky. They were all armor designs we have not seen yet and support the rumors of many different armors being used in the film. One armor design stood out above the others and that is the one pictured above. What makes it most interesting is that it appears to be very, very similar to the armor Stark wears as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the new comic.

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Iron Man 3 Concept Art (SPOILERS??)

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Here are a few very cool Iron Man 3 concept art pieces which would indicate some interesting plot points if used in the film. They all seem to utilize the design scheme this next Iron Man film is going for. The above image shows an Iron Man with a more destructive Arc Reactor. Below we get a look at a deep space Iron Man and some Hulkbuster armor. Iron Man 3 is supposed to feature a number of armors so this could be our first peak at a few of those. Good stuff.

Hot Toys Announces Epic Level New Iron Man Figure Collection

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hot toys iron man

Hot toys has released this teaser image for an upcoming full collectible release for Iron Man 3. It will be a display case in the form of Tony’s Workshop in which you will be able to place all the various armors that Hot Toy has made collectibles of. In addition a ‘Workshop Tony’ figure will be made available to place in the middle where he can bask in and appreciate the sheen and shine of his pretty amazing creations. Hot Toys makes some of the best figures going right now and this is a the perfect way to display these expertly crafted additions.