99 Levels To Hell Releasing On GOG.com On February 26th!


It’s like Spelunky gone heavy metal.


Yes – well, actually there’s 100 levels to descend in this game. No, you won’t survive. By now you should have got around to playing Spelunky and have surely got a taste for challenging indie roguelikes with a focus on platforming. 99 Levels To Hell is cut from the same cloth as Spelunky but comes coated in a metal soundtrack and more guns, blood, and top hat tomfoolery than anything else before it (probably).

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GOG.com Holiday Sale (125 Games for up to 75% Off)

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GOG.com helps you prepare for the end of the world by putting all of their holiday bundles on sale; more than 125 games for up to 75% off!

GOG.com, the digital distributor of games for PC and Mac, has just announced it’s preparing for the inevitable End of The World, in true gamer fashion. Whether the Mayans were right and tomorrow spells the end of everything is anyone’s guess, however GOG.com urges the gamers worldwide to remain calm and play games like there’s no tomorrow. Just in case. The End of the World Sale has just started and will last for 24 hours, that is until Thursday December 20 at 14:59 GMT, which should give gamers some time to enjoy their games before the 21st arrives and a wave of fiery pudding engulfs the world.

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Come Watch GOG.com Live on Thursday, October 18th at 11AM Pacific Time

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GOG.com, the digital distributor of DRM-free gaming goodness, would like to remind you about CD Projekt & GOG.com Special Event that’s taking place on the Thursday, the 18th of October at 11 AM Pacific Time, streamed live to the web from www.gog.com or www.facebook.com/gogcom. GOG.com will have a lot of news about new games, classic games, and even big news about an exciting new direction that the digital distributor formerly known as ‘Good Old Games’ will be taking. The crazy minds behind GOG.com posted this video today to get you wondering what the annoucement is:

After GOG.com finishes thier part of the presentation, developer CD Projekt RED will take the stage of the live stream to share news of their own about The Witcher 2, their in-development modding toolset called the REDKit, and even some tantalizing new details about the upcoming Cyberpunk® RPG that they’re working on.

Anyone looking to watch should go to www.gog.com or www.facebook.com/gogcom at 18:00 GMT (That’s 2PM in New York and 11 AM in Los Angeles) to check it out live.

Pay What you Want for Larian Studios games on GOG.com

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GOG.com, the prodigious provider of premium PC games, is proud to announce that for the first time in its history, a “Pay What You Want” bundle is available on GOG.com. This fantastic deal, prepared in close partnership with the well-liked developer of the Divinity series; Larian Studios, allows GOG.com gamers to pay as little (or as much!) as they want for the epic RPG adventures Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, and Divinity II – Developer’s Cut. The bundle can be purchased at www.gog.com/divinity until 01:00 AM GMT, 18 October 2012.

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