PWNED : Battlefield 3 Revisited


As Battlefield fans are busy enjoying its final piece of DLC Battlefield 3: End Game, it’s time to say goodbye to Battlefield 3 with its sequel Battlefield 4 just over the horizon.

Matt Cuttle travelled to Stockholm to speak to Executive Producer Patrick Bach, GM Karl-Magnus Troedsson and Creative Director Lars Gustavsson about their time spent creating and refining the franchise.

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Battlefield 3: End Game Launch Trailer


The End Game expansion is out on PS3 today for Premium Members and on March 12th for Xbox 360. Battlefield 3: End Game delivers some of the most high-speed warfare to date across four vast maps. This launch trailer features the new dirt bike, bringing speed and agility to the Battlefield, and the new lightweight AA vehicles, that fight back aerial assaults, and the new dropship which provides support to ground troops with vehicle drop capabilities. Also get a glimpse of Capture the Flag and Air Superiority game modes.

Dishonored Developer Diary – End Game


Arkane and Bethesda have released this final developer diary for Dishonored. In it the crew talks about taking the game from idea form to final version and all the things that happen in between. From concept to fully fleshed out and formed creation you see what goes into a game being transfered from mind to reality.

Check out the final developer diary from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks below.