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Marvel Teases Spider-Man/Wolverine/Elektra Mini-Series


A teaser for a Joe Madureira drawn Wolverine comic was shown by us days ago. It was a bit premature as it seems Wolverine will be joined by Spider-Man and Elektra in a mini-series coming this June. Zeb Wells will be the writer on the project. More news as it becomes available.

Marvel’s Thunderbolts Go ‘Explosive’


Starting this March, Marvel will be turning up the heat for the Thunderbolts in a different way. It appears that two of the team’s members may find themselves forming a bit of a closer friendship. This newly released promotional image shows Elektra and The Punisher sitting in a tree…ya know….K I S S I N G. Daniel Way and Phil Noto will get this story going. It will be quite interesting to see how two of Marvel’s most prolific killers connect.

A Look at Daniel Way’s New ‘Thunderbolts’

Here is another look at some interior page’s for the new Thunderbolts book coming next month. Daniel Way and Steve Dillon bring you an unlikely team in Red Hulk, Elektra, Venom, The Punisher and Deadpool. It’s a black “and red” ops team for the the super hero age. Take a look below and then plan on picking up issues 1 and 2 in December.

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Marvel NOW – Thunderbolts #1 (Preview)

Daniel Way moves from the Deadpool solo book over to Thunderbolts but brings The Merc With A Mouth with him. Below are a few inked pages minus the dialogue drawn by Steve Dillon. This new team is made up of The Red Hulk, Venom, Elektra, Deadpool and The Punisher. That’s a pretty violent team right there. Check out the couple of preview pages below.

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More Marvel NOW – The New Thunderbolts

Marvel’s Thunderbolts started as a team that appeared when The Avengers were thought to be dead during the Onslaught storyline in the mid 90’s. They would later turn out to be The Master of Evil in disguise as a plan to take over the world. This team would rise up against their leader Baron Zemo in the hopes of finding redemption and thus set up the theme for the Thunderbolts. Future teams would be made up of former villains seeking to change their ways or put┬áthere as form of rehabilitation.

With the upcoming Marvel NOW restart we will get a very different team of Thunderbolts but also what is looking to be the most interesting and heavy duty roster yet. That Lightning teaser posted to Marvel’s official site did indeed turn out to be about the Thunderbolts. Daniel Way will be writing the book while Steve Dillon will be drawing it. Dillon is no stranger to The Punisher and more recently drew some issues of The Hulk.

This new line up will consist of The Red Hulk (General “Thunderbolt” Ross), The Punisher, Elektra, Venom (Flash Thompson) and Deadpool. That’s a beefy team full of people with serious issues. I trust in Way’s talent and ability and this new team gives him a lot to work with. It’s a team that works well under the Thunderbolts banner as they are all heroes in the loosest sense of the word. With no ties to the government any longer and under the command of The Red Hulk it will be very interesting to see what brought and keeps them together along with who will find themselves in the crosshairs of some of Marvel’s most effective killers.

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