Marvel Comics – Project Gamma

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Another announcement at SXSW by Marvel was Project Gamma. This new endeavor will allow for timed and paced musical score to be applied to certain digital comics. It will create a more immersive and engrossing reading experience. It will only be a part of a few select comics for the time being but depending on its popularity it could see more widespread application. It was well received at the annoucement and looks to be a promising new addition to Marvel’s new digital world.

Marvel Comics – 700 FREE Digital #1 Issues



Marvel appeared at SXSW yesterday and while there they made a few announcements completely revamping their digital service offerings. They have re-branded their digital imprints under the Infinite Comics name and then dropped the bombshell of 700 FREE Number One issues being made available to fans wishing to partake in this new digital venture. The #1 teasers were indicating Marvel’s gift. While this will only be on iOS and devices such as the iPad and iPhone to begin with, it will also be for Android devices in the near future. That’s 700 number 1 issues from Marvel’s entire back catalog and current runs. That is a whole lot of comics.

Marvel Announces Marvel Unlimited



Marvel has posted some teasers for announcements they will be making at South by South West this Sunday. They have already started letting some of the cats out of some of the bags though. Today they announced the debut of their newly rebranded Marvel Unlimited feature. It will be the banner that all their digital comics will go out on from now on. It will allow for access by iPad and iPhone with Android access coming in the near future. It will be their new digital subscription service as well allowing people access to thousand of comics for $10 a month or $60 annually. Of the 13,000 comics now stored on the server you will be able to utiilize 6 at a time of your choice when not connected to the online service. A virtual library really. More features will be announced in the future as a lot of work is still going into this new digital service.

Command an Army with Digital Stratego


Fans of classic board game Stratego can now revel in their battlefield cunningness as Keesing Games brings the game into the digital era with today’s launch of Stratego as a free-to-play online game and paid mobile app for iPad. Developed and published by Keesing Games, a Dutch developer renowned for the game portal, the officially licensed version of the international board game from Royal Jumbo is available to play now on Facebook, iPad, at and partner sites.

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Create Your Own ‘Skylanders Giants’ Digital Christmas Cards

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Skylanders Giants are ready to brighten up the world as they light up just in time for Christmas.

From today, fans of the popular video games franchise will be able to bring classic Christmas scenes to life by controlling some of the coolest Christmas lights around to spread a little bit of Skylanders Giants™ festive magic.

By simply selecting a country and a Christmas scene, fans can get decorating their digital card to the max. And it gets even better – in addition to standard Christmas lights, there are neon versions of the new Skylanders Giants™ and LightCore™ characters so they can spread the Christmas joy, Skylanders style.

It’s time to get creative to make the world a brighter place this Christmas by visiting