Win a Free Man of Steel T-Shirt!!!

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This summer, Superman returns to the big screen. But before that, he’s heading to Hot Topic.

Hot Topic will be the exclusive home of the new Man of Steel teaser tee—the first official Man of Steel shirt to hit the market. Featuring the film’s modern take on Superman’s iconic glyph, you can find the new shirt in Hot Topic stores or online at the Hot Topic website on March 25th.

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New Marvel Comics Teaser – Count on Marvel



Marvel is all about the mysterious teasers lately. First we got ‘Marvel of the Dead’ and then Marvel ‘First’ and now this one with a bunch of hash marks listed as ‘Count on Marvel’. Accompanying text with the image had this to say:


Cuts above the rest…”

Now there are 52 marks there which indicate a kidney punch to DC and their New 52 line. It could ust be in fun or maybe a more competitive approach from here on out or something else. Is it a countdown maybe? That would have it ending on April 19th. That’s a Friday. I don’t know…just speculating. It’s probably just the dig at DC. Or is it? Or isn’t it??

Brian’s Comic Book Picks for Feb. 13th


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Arkham Unhinged #11

This comic has been released digitally for the last 10 issues but is now getting the print treatment and honestly it has been one of the more entertaining Batman books out there. It focuses on the Batman world created in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and those versions of the classic characters. I like the designs and enjoy the further adventures of this slightly alt take on the world of Gotham. It’s a bit Batman the Animated Series which is a show I grew up on that helped define that dark corner of the comic book world for me. In this issue The Joker is on trial and the people sitting in the jury box are all other Batman Rogues Gallery members. Sorry Joker…..this isn’t a birthday party you got invited to.

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World of Heroes – Bad Days

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Check out these fun animated videos that can be found over at World of Heroes. They are created and directed by Junaid Chundrigar and Davor Bujakovic. they feature various heroes and villains from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse having well…not the best of days. Each one features a cameo from a special someone in comics as well. Check out Spider-man’s Bad Day above and then click the link below to see more well known characters having their’s.

Bad Days


Kia Makes a Batmobile For Charity

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Kia and DC Comics have teamed up to create a line of vehicles inspired by the members of The Justice League. While that’s fun and all that real purpose behind it is to help create awareness of DC’s “We Can Be Heroes” charity and campaign. We Can Be Heroes is a humanitarian effort to help countries in the Horn of Africa suffering from the hunger crisis there.

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New York Comic Con Begins Today


New York’s 2012 Comic Con begins today and goes through Sunday. Expect a lot of announcements from Marvel and DC along with other related comic book info and happenings. Below is a list of the panels that will be occuring during these next 4 days along with links to a live stream that the Comic Con has up in partnership with TwitchTV. Also Marvel will be liveblogging all of their panels and there is a link to that so you can kinda sorta feel like you’re there. Click that read more to get more.

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Brian’s Comic Book Picks for September 26th


Justice League Dark #0

I feel like I do a lot of bitching and moaning when it comes to DC. I don’t hate them. I like them quite a bit but a lot of the choices made especially where the new 52 is concerned have rubbed me the wrong way. It’s just a matter of what I do and don’t like. Some choices need to happen and in their initial happening may not seem the best but then someone comes along that does great things with it and all is forgiven if not forgotten. In Justice League Dark we see a number of DC’s supernatural heavy hitters come together to deal with all matters of maniacal magic and decomposing dead. John Constantine was put into the mainstream DC universe and it was shocking in both a good and bad way. It is cool to see the character spread out from Vertigo but really weird at the same time. Kind of like like the fun of some new fad or meme which eventually becomes annoying. I’m just not sure how I feel so maybe I should let it go and see what can be done. Jeff Lemire is on writing duties and I trust him to do great things. He’s one of my favorite creators and here he shows us Constantine in the early days of the new 52. Has he always been how he is or did something make him that way I wonder.

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Brian’s Comic Book Picks For September 19th


Justice League #0

In this zero issue Shazam makes his appearance in a bolt of lightning. Not Captain Marvel…..Shazam. That’s his name now. If you want to ask him to hand you a magazine, you have to go “Hey Shazam, can I have that copy of Popular Science please”? I thought any issues DC had with Marvel comics regarding this name were hashed out previously but maybe that was a bit overzealous of me. I guess they just wanted to make it a non issue. I like the character and I’m glad to see him become more prominent in the new 52 universe but it’s a bit too much new for me to fully accept I guess. This issue is the origin story of both Shazam and Pandora. Pandora has been around since the very beginning of the relaunch and is directly connected to its creation  and the return of Barry Allen as The Flash. Maybe this will explain a bit more about her exsistence and association with the new 52. Maybe this was all a dream. I don’t know.

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Avengers vs. X-men #11 – Who Fell In Battle Today??? (SPOILERS)

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This Avengers vs. Xmen crossover event has been going for quite awhile now and has been mostly lackluster in my opinion. I like what I like and don’t what I don’t and I’m not taking anything away from what the creators make but it just has not done much for me. I never understood the whole let’s pit all the good guys against each other thing but it’s something to do, a bit of a spectacle and with the restart (not reboot) coming up they can afford to shake things up a bit which is what seems to be happening here. Marvel is doing very well for themselves with the success of their films and they are trying to create a more cohesive universe overall. It does seem though that a lot of creative decisions are being made both at Marvel and DC in order to get press. The gay marriage beteen X-man Northstar and his companion in the X-men books and DC’s reimagining of Green Lantern Alan Scott as a gay man. More recently the announcement of another new Green Lantern who would be a Muslim character. I have no problems at all with any of this. Our real world is full of a variety of people in many walks of life and the comics should reflect that, it’s just when it’s done in the way they are doing it in which they try to force the impact on us that it seems like more of a hollow gesture with ulterior motives. Maybe I’m wrong but it does have at least a sliver of truth to it. Deaths in comics can be considered the same kind of thing. Something done more for shock value than purposeful direction. In comics for a long time now deaths seemed to not really even matter as any number of fantastic reasons can be concieved to return a hero or villain to the fictional living world. In todays release of the newest Avengers vs. Xmen comic a death occurred and while it can be looked as just another bit of comic book death fluff there is also purpose to it. If you would like to know what went down and who is no more. Click the read more tab but be warned…..SPOILERS ahead. Who fell in battle today???

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Brian’s Comic Book Picks For September 12th


Team 7 #0

I am so confused with the new 52 and it’s disregard for past continuity. It is creating its new continuity which while cool in some areas it is just as skewed as before in others. The Wildstorm universe is a property of DC now and it has been fused in many different areas. You can really see that here with this Team 7 book. This 0 issue takes place in the early stages of the new 52 and features a government sponsored team put together to deal with the emergence of super powered threats. Cole Cash (Grifter), Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), Alex Fairchild, Steve Trevor, Dianh Lance (Black Canary), Amanda Waller and John Lynch are Team 7. This issue is wrriten by Justin Jordan who recently brought us the indie title, The Strange Talents of Luther Strode. I’m interested in seeing what he does with it all.

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