A Very Cool Stop Motion Batman Short

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Parabucks has created a stop motion Batman fan film called Batman:Dark Knightfall. Derek Kwok and Henri Wong used the expertly sculpted and incredibly articulated Hot Toys action figure/collectibles as their stars. On a side note check back next week for a Fizmarble Profle on Hot Toys. Below is the trailer for this film they plan on releasing in the near future. It is really quite impressive, especially the lighting. Swinging light continuity for the win. I’m looking forward to the full version. Great job to them.


New Dark Knight Rises Poster



A new poster has arrived for this summer’s The Dark Knight Rises. While it doesn’t provide us with anything new in the way of story points, it does return us to the Batman Begins color palette.

TDKR opens on July 20th, and we at Fizmarble are semi-patiently counting down the days (it’s two months away!).

Here is the newest trailer to keep you occupied till this July:

The Dark Knight Rises