Brian’s Comic Book Picks for January 6th


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Green Arrow #17

It’s Jeff Lemire’s first issue writing Green Arrow. What does he have in store for the new 52 Emerald Archer? It appears to be a lot that connects it to the new show on the CW. As Ollie struggles to come to terms with the loss of his fortune, his company and his heritage, he discovers a shocking truth about his father that ties to his time stranded on an island before he became Green Arrow.

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Daredevil:End of Days #1(of 8) – A Fizmarble Review

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Daredevil has always been a tragic character to me. Much like Spider-man he chose a super heroes life and in the living of it has saved many others lives and done much good. Like Spidey though his life has been full of great harms and horrors directly affecting him and his loved ones. He is a character who while he doesn’t feel sorry for himself he indeed questions himself and the whys and hows. Sadly he has gotten in too deep and there is no turning around and walking away from the path chosen. Decisions are made and then it’s all about the dealing with them.

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*UPDATED* Ben Affleck in Negotiations to Direct DC’s The Justice League

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*UPDATE* Word going around now is that Affleck has passed on taking the director duties for a Justice League movie.

Disney and Marvel announced yesterday their plan to bring back Joss Whedon for the next Avengers installment. DC and Warner Bros. are looking to see The Justice League finally come to life and are looking to Ben Affleck to step behind the camera and make it happen. Affleck has had much success as an actor but has really made a name for himself as a director of late with such films as Gone Baby Gone and The Town. He is currently at work on the Iran hostage crisis drama, Argo which is scheduled to hit theaters on October 12th of this year.

While it is merely negotiations right now I could see Affleck doing well with this. His films pay special attention to the characters and he has a good sense of knowing when to hold back and when to go big. Plus his experience playing Daredevil in the film of the same name may help him in knowing what works and what doesn’t.

It is unknown what members will make up The Justice League and if it will have any connection The Man of Steel coming out next summer. Most likely we will see a version of Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Maybe Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter. I know what I’d like to see. I just have to wait as this develops to see if DC and Warner Bros. get anywhere close to that.

You can see the trailer for Affleck’s new movie Argo below.

Argo Movie Trailer


Below are some links to Affleck’s directorial work along with Daredevil (the director’s cut version which was much better than the theatrical release) and the fantastic Alex Ross Justice League story simple entitled Justice.

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