Brian’s Comic Book Picks for May 22nd



Green Lantern #20

It’s the final battle against the First Lantern and the Guardians in this, the extra-sized finale of Geoff Johns’ historic run on the title!

It’s all been building to this. The First Lantern has been messing with the reality of all the Lanterns. He’s been toying with them and showing them all the possible versions of themselves. It’s time for the them to fight back. Geoff Johns is finishing up his long run with the Green. We thank him for the work he has done and look forward to the next adventure for both he and the Green Lantern Corps.

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Brian’s Comic Book Picks for March 13th



Secret Avengers #2

Nick Fury continues to acquire team members for his Secret Avengers. Not all of them are on the side of the angels though. Nick Fury is looking for the right man for the right job and this time around it looks like that man is Taskmaster.

Nick Fury knows who he wants for the new Secret Avengers–the deadly mercenary known as Taskmaster! Trouble is, how to extract S.H.I.E.L.D.’s newest
prospective agent from the only prison cell in Bagalia – the nation-state built
by and for super villains!

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Injustice Battle Arena Enters Quarterfinals

Comics, Games

Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment reveal the fifth week of challengers in this week’s Injustice Battle Arena, kicking off the quarterfinal round of matches that will pit previous weeks’ preliminary tournament victors against each other to determine who will advance to the semifinals.

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DC Celebrates 8 Million Downloads of Batman Digital Comics

Comics, Deals

DC wants to thank its fans for 8 million downloads of the various Batman comics digitally. To celebrate they are giving away a FREE digital download of the newest Batman #1 from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

If you want it, just follow this link:

And enter this code: #BAT8MILLION

It’s that easy. Go get yours today and congratulations to DC and Batman.

Batman Sucks at Having Sidekicks



So in the most recent issue of Batman Incoporated (issue 8) Robin (Damien Wayne) died. It was supposedly Grant Morrison’s plan all along. It didn’t feel big or important or necessary or anything to me. I like the Damien character enough. He was a very different kind of Robin and I like the dynamic he brought to the Dynamic Duo but I just couldn’t bring myself to care. This may end up being a little bit convuluted but so is the source material so here are my opinions on all this.

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