Character Pics for Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Here is a gallery of all the confirmed characters for Injustice: Gods Among Us. This fighting game pits the best of DC’s heroes and villains against each other. With these pics we get the confirmation of Bane appearing in the game. All the others have been confirmed prior. Take a look and choose the hero/villain that you will wield in the battle to come.

Behind the Scenes Clips from the Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray


The Dark Knight Rises will be out for purchase and download on December 4th. You can expect the Blu Ray to be packed with bonus features. Here are two clips fro those bonus features dealing with the visual effects and the overall work and ideas that went into making this film.

A Look at Concept Art for Bane’s Mask in The Dark Knight Rises

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A lot has been said about The Dark Knight Rises, Bane, his look and Tom Hardy’s performance. Some poisitives but many more negatives. I’m not too big a fan of the final film but I appreciate what Nolan has done in this alternative take on the Batman mythos. As with any translation from one genre to the next there will be people unhappy with the decisions of look and character or choice in actor and so on. A lot of people didn’t like Bane’s translation from comic to film. He’s not big enough. It doesn’t look anything like him. Blah Blah Blah. We got a different take on a known creation just like all the characters in these films. We got the mask in the photo above but below you can see other ideas that may have been along with the design for the scars Bane sports that we never get a really good look at.

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Heroclix TabApp ‘DC Comics’ Figures Now Available

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Developers of HeroClix TabApp™ today announced the availability of new game content, which includes six DC Comics Super Hero figurines that can now be found in stores.

In addition to the new DC Comics Super Heroes, the update includes over one dozen new maps, more than 30 DC Comics Super-Villains, and all new storylines and comic panels.

The DC Comics figures are available at Toys R Us, Walmart and hobby shops in packs of three at $14.99 each. The DC Comics Super Heroes pack includes Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and ”The Dark Knight Rises” figure pack adds Batman, Catwoman and Bane.

HeroClix TabApp™ can be downloaded free on the App Store™.

The Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray/DVD & Batman Trilogy Announced

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The Dark Knight Rises will hit shelves in Blu Ray and DVD form in December. Below is the full press release with all the specs, bells and whistles.

“The Dark Knight Rises” arrives this holiday season onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download on December 4 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. In the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, Gotham City is threatened by the masked terrorist Bane, forcing Batman to return from an eight-year absence and fight for his city one more time.

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Andy Fairhurst and His Playground Super Heroes

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Deviant artist Andy Fairhurst has taken what it was like to be a kid playing at being a super hero and used his imagination to showcase there’s. These silhouetted images capture the innocence and love of the fantastic and amazing that children have. A very cool series of pictures of various heroes and villains being brought to life by those wanting to be them. Check out the entire collection below.


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A Very Cool Stop Motion Batman Short

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Parabucks has created a stop motion Batman fan film called Batman:Dark Knightfall. Derek Kwok and Henri Wong used the expertly sculpted and incredibly articulated Hot Toys action figure/collectibles as their stars. On a side note check back next week for a Fizmarble Profle on Hot Toys. Below is the trailer for this film they plan on releasing in the near future. It is really quite impressive, especially the lighting. Swinging light continuity for the win. I’m looking forward to the full version. Great job to them.


Bane’s Voice Before & After


Back in December of last year the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises were attached to the IMAX release of Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol. This was similar to what had been done with Nolan’s The Dark Knight. In those 6 minutes we got our introduction to Bane and the confusion of trying to understand what the hell he was saying.

His choice of voice coupled with the effects used on it made his words nearly indechiperable. Critics and fans voiced (clearly and audibley) their displeasure and worry over how it would be to listen to him like this for the entire movie. Christopher Nolan responded saying he how he wanted to respect the performance and engage the audience. Not just pushing things at them but allowing to participate. He said that he would not significantly alter the dialogue and that was that.

Well rumor of Warner Bros. being scared to death at leaving it as is was valid and some form of pressure or an agreement were made to fix it so as to make it more accessible. Below is a link to a comparison video created by Dailymotion user mrstevenrichter. In it he plays the original IMAX release audio with the current release version. Hearing them back to back shows you the significant changes to the volume and effect used before and the majority of it in fact sounds redubbed as the performance and delivery itself are different at times.

Give it a listen to hear for yourself.

Bane Voice Comparison

8 Pros & 8 Cons of The Dark Knight Rises

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Fellow Fizmarbler Adam Loomis wrote an in depth spoiler free review on The Dark Knight Rises the other day that you can read here: I didn’t feel the need to do one of my own but I still wanted to touch on a few points about the film that did “it” and didn’t do “it” for me. So below are 8 Pros and 8 Cons in regards to this final film in the Batman trilogy that Christopher Nolan directed. They are just my opinions and reflect my views on what I saw and got from it along with the aspects of film itself that I do and do not particularly enjoy. This article contains SPOILERS. Here goes something.

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The Dark Knight Rises Review (Spoiler Free)

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The Dark Knight Rises is finally here! After doing my very best to stay up to date on the filming while remaining spoiler free for the last year was tough. Was it worth it? Was four years of anticipation since The Dark Knight worth it? Yeah, I suppose, sure. This latest Bat-film is better than any other non-Nolan Batman movie. But how did it stack up to the previous Nolan movies from Gotham City? Continue reading