Fizmarble presents ‘Our Top 5 Favorite Video Games of All Time’


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Editor in Chief Orion Williams and I have played many, many, many video games during our lives. Some were brief but fun jaunts. Others are still talked about as if the stuff of legend. Multiplayer moments have been created. Stories still told to this day. Experiences were had that have helped shape how we look at future games. Silliness and glitches and physics engine wackiness has been seen and still almost not believed. We have played many, many, many games and of all those games these titles have made the most impact for their own very special reasons. Take a look as Fizmarble presents Orion Williams’ and Brian Coelho’s top 5 picks for each of our favorite games of all time.

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‘Skate 3’ Ridiculous Physics Video


We have all played games in which the physics of what is happening can get a little bit wonky. I’ve shot people in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and watched them go flying halfway across the map. I’ve watched in awe as the Dead or Alive franchise went from primarily being about fighting to being more about jiggles. There are plenty more but those two came rushing to mind. Above these and all others though we have Skate 3. It is notorious for having some of the most ridiculous physics moments of all time. While many consider it to be horrible still others accept it and embrace it giving themselves hours of fun and laughs while trying to figure out what new insane thing they can do or see. Check out the video above to see some highlights from this game.